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Welcome to HorizonRP

HorizonRP is an up and coming Public RedM server based on the VORP Core framework. The main core of the server is to tell original and interesting stories within the community. So, come and play out your story with the New Horizon State, whether you want to be a horse trainer, bar owner, rancher, lawman or a lawbreaker, you are welcome here.

We focus on the Eastern part of the map, and mostly use the cities of St. Denis, Rhodes, and Valentine. We have many jobs, both Whitelisted and Open, with some needing some RP to find. So come, grab a ticket to our county and start making a story here. A far warning though friend, be wary of going West.

Whitelisted Jobs

Train Conductors
Horse Trainers

Open Jobs

Material Gathering - Wood/Metal/Materials
Bounty Hunters
Player Owned Businesses

Server Features

Player Customization
Horse Racing
Working Carts
Many Criminal Options

Discord - HorizonRP Gaming Community