West World Roleplay [Just Launched]

West World Launched Today 4/2/2022

Recruiting For

Horse Trainers
Realestate agents
Train Operators

-Horse Taming/Training/Racing
-Hunting Birds (Buy a bird to help assist your hunting journey
-Legendary animal hunting
-Player owned Ranch (Build your ranch empire, buy livestock, herd & protect them to sell)
-Various Robbery system
-Player owned train system
-Player economy global market system
-Clan Options (Group up your posse)
Plenty of features to keep you busy

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Open a ticket if interested in any of the following roles.

Join today and secure your role before its too late!!!


I used to get in funks when it comes to roleplaying and would often dip in and out of various servers. The one server I have not been able to get my self unhooked from however, is West World RolePlay. It was and is a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. I got involved in the community relatively quick and so far have had such a great time, I’m glad I decided to choose WWRP. Having a bunch of kind and respectful players online but also playing into the factor of RP makes the experience a million times better.

If you’re looking for a fun, chill place that caters to a huge variety of people, genres and styles, there’s no better places than WWRP. With a rising user base and a variety of different roles and jobs there are endless amounts of things to do and goals to set for your character. WWRP has created a unique platform for the entire community of RedM leaving the storyline up to YOU!. Anyone can hop on and have a good time without having to worry about admin abuse or disrespectful behavior for no reason. PEOPLE OVER PIXELS!

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Still looking for many whitelisted jobs!! Claim yours before it’s gone

Looking to get in contact with a staff member so we can talk about my ban. please reach out to me

I have played several servers and this one by far is the best i have played on. Admins run town hall meetings to get feedback from community. Updates come regularly and they actually listen to suggestions. The admins aren’t allowed to own anything and is all player base ran. Trolls and server rule breakers are handled quickly and fairly. I challenge anyone to find a better server. I doubt you will.

Just released yet another big content update!! Come ride into town and make new friends!

West World will be relaunching following a re-brand. Feel free to join the discord for future updates Night Shift Gaming Discord