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:grinning: West Point Roleplay Community :grinning:

Interested in a fun and professional FiveM Roleplay Community? Well now is your chance, apply to join the West Point Roleplay Community and you will get just that, a fun and professional environment. Where we will not silence you, your believes or your thoughts about our community, just be you and have fun. West Point Roleplay is dedicated to giving our members the best experience in roleplay possible with meaningful roleplay scenarios with imaginatory roleplay. Apply today and join the roleplay!

West Point Roleplay was created on date February, 16th, 2021 by Director Hayden W.


Law Enforcement:

  • You can patrol as any law enforcement agency (Los Santos Police Department, San Andreas Highway Patrol or Blaine County Sheriff)
  • Very little vehicle structure by rank
  • Computer aided dispatch (CAD/MDT)
  • Realistic traffic accident reporting
  • Subdivisions include SRU, Air Support, Port Authority, and Investigations

Civilian Operations:

  • No restricted vehicle structure and scenario rules
  • ESX Civilian jobs
  • Judicial system which grants the ability to contest charges
  • ESX Robbery and drug systems to allow you to become a criminal drug lord or bank/store robber

Communications Department:

  • Realistic unit management and assignment features
  • Realistic call creation and call management functions
  • Part of our Law Enforcement Department

Recruitment Info

  • You are age 14 or older
  • You own a working legal copy of Grand Theft Auto Five for PC
  • Your PC is able to run the latest version of Grand Theft Auto Five
  • You own a working microphone
  • You are willing to complete the full recruitment process
  • You completely understand english
  • No previous experience required, we are open to everyone

How to Join?

  • Complete a the application form in full detail with grammar
  • If passed do the interviewing
  • If passed both of the last steps, finish probationary stage
  • You are done

Social Medias:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wprpofficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wprpofficial/

You have questions?
If you have questions, we have listed a list of ways to contact us below.

Website Link: WPRP
Application Link: West Point Roleplay | Entry Application

If you pass the application, you will be emailed the WPRP discord server!