Werid Error :/ Need help

okay so ive got a cracked version of the game (i think its by SkidrowRealoded but im not sure)
the game works fine offline but when i launch it with FiveR i get this message:
(had to be removed due to image cap but it was the same message as the one below but with less url’s)
ive tried downloading and installing all the patches in the error message and nothing works, would downloading a clean version of the game help? and if so where could i download all the DLC’s since i would imagine they dont come in most of the game cracks

Im running windows 8.1
and i have social club, dx, ms visual and all the software prerequisites, ive even updated all of them and it didnt change anything

update: after reading some other posts i deleted the cache and now i get this:

no support for cracked games.

buy the game, you will not get support here

Pirate copy.