Hey, so what started as a hobby and some fun turned into a full time for me throughout the last year. For about the last 4 months I have been working on our ReLaunch. New IP, New and exclusive UI, Inventory, character creation and more. I have put a lot of effort flushing everything out, exclusive maps, clothing, cars and more! With all that being said, we are aiming to provide a realistic roleplay experience, full of leveling, grinding, jobs, licenses, trucking simulator, businesses you can own w/ delivery system and more. You can own a home anywhere on the map, also provided a hotel system for those who come and go!

A very dynamic drug system, gang system and jail system. The server runs on real time, so a minute is a minute with dynamic weather across the map!
We plan on hosting weekend events, drag races, go kart racing, fishing, and DJ hosted events! Got a bunch of players who like cars, and have a car club? Biker Gang, we have the lost and hells angels incoming!
Custom Inventory with Backpack system, hotkeys and weight!

There are a few last updates going in and bug fixes, but its stable and solid, grindable and beautiful. Figured it could be time to share with you guys and let it grow! <3

Server is protected by anti hack and we have zero tolerance for those who break rules and run rapid. Aiming to provide a humorous and enjoyable gameplay experience upon multiple spectrums!

Server Location, California.
Server Time, Pacific Standard.
Westcoast:RP - The ReLaunch
Server Link : FiveM server list™
Steam Community : Steam Community :: Group :: WestCoast:RP

HIRING, must be over the age of 18+

  • Admins
  • Staff
  • Possibly a DEV
    all the above after some consideration and time getting to know eachother to make sure you the right fit!

Due to language, gameplay, and previous situations we are currently looking for a more mature audience of gameplayers, due to this we are requesting players be 18+, Thank you for understanding.


  • Gangs (Lore Friendly + Bloods, Hells Angels and create your own!!)
  • Players
  • Discord admins
  • Partners
  • Mechanics
  • People who like Racing, Drag Races, Custom Cars, Trucking simulator and more!

You can take the role of having a illegal job or legal job, or both! Many opportunities in the city, no need to choose one! Fishing Sim, Trucking Sim, Own A business, Multiple Drugs, Heists, Robberies, Everything hidden on map, knowledge is power. Grindable growth and income.

Will be whitelisted soon, opening it up for some to check out and see if they want to move in!
We do have some cool admins, but many are back to being busy, so looking for some devoted people to create a cool community! Its a ghost town currently <3

If you made it this far, thanks for stopping by! I’ve pretty much been a one man army, Id like to thank my main man from the UK Jontroon, Ultrunz for helping with things, Breze for some exclusive help and more! Its been quite the learning experience, but im ready to share! <3

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/pZnKUSxbGA ← strongly recommend joining our discord, bunch of info and peeps!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/pZnKUSxbGA ← strongly recommend joining our discord, bunch of

Back on it today! stop by, hang out, get to know the city! ill be around most of the day to help!

BACK AT IT AGAIN! stop by and say hi!

BUMP! Helicopter dealership!!



BUMP!!!Come hang out!

Servers been poppin lately! Tons of stuff flushed out, running smooth and tons of legal and illegal stuff to do! heists and more! Come Swing BY!

Slowly but surely growing, swing by!

Slowly but surely growing, swing by!

BUMP! Come hang!

Servers grown!! its been great come hang!