Welcome To ImmerCIV RP!

Are you searching for an RP experience of a lifetime?

Do you crave the build up?

Do you like getting lost in your character?

Could you flourish in RP if a city gave you the chance?

Do you strive to be a part of a community that appreciates their players?

If you answered YES to any of these questions and are looking for a new city to play in, please click here and join our new FiveM RP community, founded on being a heavy role play city, where the quality players come first:

State of the art, immersive, custom scripts
A mature (some would say old) and passionate staff who just want to provide a fair place for everyone to play
A full police and EMS force on duty ready to serve
Department of Justice
Loaded with new crim activites
We value: Fun, Creativity, Good RP, Fair Play and Sportsmanship
The best looking female characters (and players) you will meet
A "City Journal’ channel in discord- get in character, express yourself and test those creative writing chops- we love it
Loads of custom cars
A fresh slate with the ability to own your own business or gang- we want you!

Soft Open: May 1st
Grand Opening: May 3rd

What are you waiting for?

Server was cool for the first 2 days, had great interactions with some quality roleplayers then a group of wannabe mafia guys came into the server. They started just shooting and robbing with no prior rp and ruined not only my expierience but all the other members I brought to the server. I woke up today being banned from the discord and the server and the ban reason is ‘multiple situations’. I provided over 45 minutes of clips from my VOD of all the low quality, ooc talk etc and somehow I got banned along with other members I was with. Clearly some people aren’t capable of running a server maybe that’s the reason their player count has decreased.

Highly Recommend!