Welcome to Blue Mountain Roleplay! Now Hiring All Positions. | Serious 16+ Community

Thank you and Welcome to Blue Mountain Roleplay!

– – We are under ACTIVE Development. Not currently open to the public to roleplay just yet.
– – VMENU script developers, Graphic/Livery Designers

About Us:

  • Blue Mountain Roleplay was founded as a serious and realistic FiveM Community. We wanted to build a community that was realistic and unique from all of the other communities out there, along with giving the members of the community the ability to RP without too much restriction.

  • Our team has been working hard on building a long-lasting community that plans to be here 5-10+ years down the road and we have the funding to do it. We’re working towards the goal of having everything in-house, so we can be a self-sufficient community.

  • So, if you are interested in becoming a part of our team and you meet the requirements, join our discord and contact a Coordinator or Department Admin for the department you want to join.

  • https://discord.bluemountainrp.com/
    Blue Mountain Roleplay

Community Coordinators:

  • Coordinators serve as the first point of contact for the Server Leadership team. Each Coordinator oversees and advises as a team for the admins of the departments and makes sure the departments are running operations to community standards. All Coordinators work as a team. Decisions that affect the community as a whole are made on a unanimous basis by the entire Coordination Team.

Current Coordinators:

  • Nicholas W. X-01 - Vexary#0001
  • Tech D. X-02 - Techdude404#0001
  • Mike S. X-03 - Mike Smith#8884


  • We are in desperate need of more developers who are experienced in both FiveM and, more specifically, Standalone for script writing and configuration. We need people who are focused and driven, who want to stick with the community for the long run. You may be given financial compensation depending on the amount and quality of work you do. Please message any Community Coordinator if you are interested in applying for a developer position.

Open Command and Member Positions:

  • The following positions are listed for chain of command in our community. Anyone who meets the requirements outlined below may reach out to any coordinator for the department head position. You may also reach out to the department admins or coordinator for any chain of command or membership positions.

Primary Departments

Civilian Operations
  • Chain of Command
    • ~~Governor~
    • Lieutenant Governor
    • Secretary of State
    • Attorny General
    • Civilian Manager
    • Assistant Civilian Manager
    • Civilian Supervisor
    • Assistant Civilian Supervisor
    • Lead Civilian
  • Members
  • Senior Civilian
  • Civilian
    • Reserve Civilian
San Andreas Fire and Rescue
  • Chain of Command
    • Fire Comissoner
    • Fire Chief
    • EMS Chief
    • Assistant Fire Chief
    • Assistant EMS Chief
    • District Chief
    • Battalion Chief
    • Fire Captain
    • EMS Captain
    • Lieutenant
    • Paramedic Specialist
  • Members
    • Senior Firefighter
    • Paramedic
    • Firefighter II
    • EMT-A
    • Firefighter I
    • EMT-B
    • Reserve Firefighter
Los Santos Police Department
  • Chain of Command
    • Chief
    • Deputy Chief
    • Commander
    • Major
    • Captain
    • Lieutenant
    • Sergeant II
    • Sergeant I
    • Corporal
  • Members
    • Police Officers
    • Reserve Officers
Blaine County Sheriff's Office
  • Chain of Command
    • Sheriff
    • `Undersheriff’
    • Colonel
    • Major
    • Captain
    • Lieutenant
    • Master Sergeant
    • Sergeant
    • Corporal
  • Members
    • Deputies
    • Reserve Deputies
San Andreas State Police
  • Chain of Command
    • Commissioner
    • Assistant Commissioner
    • Deputy Commissioner
    • Colonel
    • Captain
    • Lieutenant
    • Staff Sergeant
    • Sergeant
    • Corporal
  • Members
    • Troopers
    • Reserve Troopers
  • Chain of Command
    • Dispatch Director
    • Deputy Dispatch Director
    • Dispatch Commander
    • Civilian Manager
    • Assistant Dispatch Manager
    • Dispatch Supervisor
    • Assistant Dispatch Supervisor
    • Lead Operator
  • Members
    • Senior Operator
    • Operator II
    • Operator I
    • Reserve Operators
FTO Operations
  • FTO Director
  • FTO Deputy Director
  • FTO Manager
  • FTO Supervisor
  • FTO Advisor
  • FTO Lead
  • FTO Officer
  • FTO Assistant

Auxility Departmewnts

Media Operations
  • Media Coordinator
  • Media Manager
  • Media Supervisor
  • Media Member
  • Media Reserve
Development Operations
  • Development Coordinator
  • Development Manager
  • Development Supervisor
  • Development Member

Applicant / Membership Requirements:

  1. All Members must be at least 16 years of age or older in order to join Blue Mountain Roleplay. Exceptions may be made by Community Leadership on a case-by-case basis.

  2. All Members who wish to join our development team must be at least 18 years of age or older on the date of your application, lying about your age will result in removal, up to and may include banishment, from the community

  3. All Members must have access to the internet and are able to download and run FiveM, Discord, and Teamspeak3.

  4. All Members must have a legal and working version of Grand Theft Auto V.

    • Members who are STRICTLY Communications dispatchers have an exception to the above policies. FiveM and Grand Theft Auto V are not required for dispatchers.
  5. All Members must be able to write and speak English and have a working microphone and headset.

  6. All Members must follow community rules & regulations at all times.

    • By joining this community you agree to be recorded in any interviews, meetings, patrols, or other events taking place on the Blue Mountain Roleplay TeamSpeak/Game Servers as deemed necessary.

    • If you are a member of another FiveM community, you must state so on your application. We will then ask you to complete a Dual Clan form. Failure to disclose membership in another community will result in your application being denied automatically.


Reserved for Community Announcements

Bumpity Bump, recently updated the thread :slight_smile:

Bumping we’re still looking to fill every position.

Bumpity Bump, FTO is now a full-time department in order to take the stress off the department command and supervisor teams on training.

BMRP SASP is getting a new bird lets go

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SAFR is looking for people who would like to be CoC

Communications Is looking for Members who would like to join COMMS CoC.

I’m able to say with complete confidence that this community is one worth joining. They’re welcoming to new membership and a fun group of people to be around. 10/10, join the Sheriff’s Office :wink:

We hope to be role playing with you soon!

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Thank you so much for the wonderful comment, we’re are glad to have you a part of our family, We hope to see you in Server #1 soon patrolling with us for our beta patrols :thinking:

Are you guys hiring a Police Chief and/or PD Command?

Yes we’re looking for PD Command, Please join our discord above and contact our PD Chief Jackson H. for more information.

nah you mean join the Fire Dept

Nah Join Communications, Civ or LEO

Come and join the fun at https://discord.bluemountainrp.com! All Chain of Command positions are open in the LSPD, BCSO, SASP, SAFR, Comms and Civilian!

We’re still looking for FTO Director & Deputy Director for our Full-Time FTO Department. FTO Director is filled now :slight_smile:

Updated the Thread, Command Spots are filling quickly, Civilian is still in need of command :slight_smile:

Hey folks, we’re still actively recruiting membership and Chain of Command for all departments within our community! Join today :slight_smile:

I have updated the thread so bumpity bump.

Hey folks, we’re still actively recruiting members and Chain of Command for all departments within our community! Join today :slight_smile: