Weird Screen effect and crashing (tried everything)

I’ve been trying to get the mod to work for 5 hours now, I have tried everything I read here on the forum to stop it from crashing but I’m having the following issues :

  • Sometimes the mod doesn’t even launch and crashes instantly (FiveReborn.exe has stopped working)
  • When it launches I keep getting these stripes on my screen in a flashing manner (check the screenshots)
  • Tried to join a lot of servers, it keeps loading until it finally crashes.

Things I’ve tried to fix these issues :

  • Changed the compatibility to windows 8
  • Launching the game in full screen (by not clicking anything after i launch the .exe)
  • Updating my Drivers
  • Verifying the integrity of Game cache
  • Starting with a fresh copy of GTA V (no mods or plugins)
  • Restarting my PC after the installation
  • Launching as an administrator

I will include Screenshots to everything you will need to take a look at.

Note : This is not a lack of performance issue on my end, Since i run GTA IV just fine

i dont crash but i also have the lines on my screen like that

Did you try comp mode win 8 and launch as admin? Try to remove all mods maybe it helps.

The lines have been reported thousand times.

“Font-Renderer issue will be fixed in the next update for the client.”

Alright good to know.


" Font-Renderer issue will be fixed in the next update " is correct.