Weird behavior with my script

Hi, I’m experiencing something quite weird if I’d have to say myself, atleast I have never seen this before.
My code is the following: XjkqCLkEvo | SourceBin
This works just fine if its one player doing the job, however, if 2 players are doing the job at the same time, when arriving to the delivery place it simply just doesn’t proceed for one of the players.

I’ve boiled it down to the following via debugging: For the player who starts the job first, it works totally fine, however for the second player, its a different story, the trailer’s location simply doesn’t change, when printing, the first players trailers locaiton is changing just fine, however the second players trailer isn’t.

Anyone has an idea why? That is also why it breaks, since the distance never goes below 45 and 10. The trailers location when printing it with GetEntityCoords() just returns vec3(0,0,0)

Any help appreciated