Webadmin Issue

Hi, so I am attempting to get my server up and running, and when I go to my webadmin site which is I receive an error that says Route /webadmin not found. and I have all the necessary files that are started on my server which are txadmin, webadmin-lua. I have those installed and it still does not work and I put the txadmin and webadmin-lua at the top of the server.cfg and made sure I put “ensure” not “start” and it still is not working :confused:

Make sure you ensure webadmin too as webadmin-lua requires webadmin to be ran

I tried that just now and it still does not work, and I in fact restarted it and nothing comes up :confused: Maybe can you send me all the files that are required to run the web admin and I can upload them and if it fixes it then maybe the files I had was being wonky…