We are looking for experienced developers

We are currently looking for a lot of roles to be filled. Below you can check the available roles/departments and see which one is eligible for you.

  • Developer application in discord
  • Contact us for the Administrator application

If you aren’t seeing something here and would like to make that happen or want to join the discord server, here’s the link. The Roleplayers

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Daily boost, we have a lot of developer roles open. Learn more about this information inside our discord server

Sad boost, we had a great developer join and leave. Please join if you’ll act professional


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Please do not dm management or any of the staff members about any inquiries regarding the applications. Please use the correct public channels for those things. When you submit an application, a private channel will be made (between you and the application reviewers) for discussions relating the application.

Thanks for understanding,
TRP Management Collective(Hope to see you applying soon)

Wanted to let everyone know that we aren’t only looking for coders, we have a lot of other positions open. You can find the list while doing the application.

Discord link is in the main post

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what kind of server base

We don’t give support in the forums. If you have any questions, please use the #whitelist-questions channel