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Hello all, our server has hit Alpha development stage, and our big 2.0 update is now Live. We are working to be a great place for serious/hardcore RPers, Server is located in USA. We have many things in the works and currently looking to bring in some more developers to the team. We also have open staff positions, & deputy. This 2.0 Update comes with tons of bug fixes, optimization, multi-character support, new clothing and a ton more, our discord contains all our patch notes, and content. We also have a trello that shows things we are working on and future projects. Things our server has so far this is only a short list and not everything:

  • A very detailed Crafting system: Farming, Cooking, Advanced Cooking, MIll work, Bakery, Baking, Blacksmith, Candy Maker, Cottongin production, Crafting Tables, Fishing, Herb Gathering, Hunting, Mining, Moonshine, Native American Crafting, Smelting, Woodcutting.

  • Legal & Illegal Jobs such as Grave robbing, Moonshining, Lumbercutting, Mining, Gold Panning, Cotton Picking, Wine, Alcohol Production, Postal Man, and many more coming, which imbeds with the crafting system.

  • The Custom Crafting System will have production of guns, ammo, metals, food, alcohol, to provide a realistic economy that everyone can be apart of, and enjoy. Thus Promoting more RP interaction with players, for example, if you need a gun you will talk to a smith, need materials for certain items you will need miners, or ammo talk to an ammo supplier who will all be Real in-game players. Our crafting system allows for a fully realistic 1889 economy where players will be able to be anything they wish. Farmer, Smelter, Postal Man, Cook, Baker, Hunter, and so much more

  • Custom Scripts of many varieties that no other server will have

  • Whitelisted Doctors

  • Fully functional Hunting system with pelts, and meats when sold to the butcher.

  • Robberies such as banks, and stores coming soon

  • Department of Justice System coming soon

  • Housing System to own properties or business’s that players will acquire with RP either by purchasing the land or applying for a mortgage.

  • Barber

  • Lawmen with badges, also Marshall’s and Deputies that function true to the history of Lawmen back in 1889. Marshall are appointed by the Marshall Director, Sheriffs are then appointed by the Marshall, and then Sheriff’s appoint their own deputies.

  • Player Bathes

  • Custom Player inventory system with realistic colored icons, with horse and carriage storage that will save even after a disconnecting. Player home storage is in the works as well.

  • Horse Purchase/Stables that is very in depth

  • Fight Clubs, Community events

  • Over 10 Coaches including Doctor Coach, Military Coaches, Lawmen Coach, Farming Coach, Dairy
    Coach, and all other Read Dead models

  • Fruit Gathering such as Oranges

  • Chicken Coop gathering for Eggs

  • Character Creation system run off VORP C#RE framework which allows full customization of your characters such as height, age, scars, blemishes, acne, warts, dirt/grime, makeup, and all clothing items read dead has to offer. You are able to spend hours making your character the way you want, and be able to zoom in and out and pan the camera on your face, legs or torso for even more detail when designing your character

  • Native American Crafting that will be to the real life counter parts, with actual reservations. We have members in charge of this who are real life Native American backrounds who hold the culture true to its roots and history. Such as wampum currency, native items, food, and beverages only natives can make.

  • Horse Feedings while on Horseback, leading horse, and brushing.

  • Multi-Character Support

And much much more. Come check us at on our discord if you are interested, id love to hear your suggestions, and this server will be a place where all good rpers can call home not having to worry about things most deal with in other servers, such as staff abuse, meta gaming, or cheating. We do not tolerate any type of abuse even from the founder of the community. Everyone is held accountable for thier actions and every member has a voice in how the server progresses such as proving feed back or suggestions for the server, no one is left out of the loop on anything and will eventually grow to be a great community for everyone. Our discord can be found at: https://discord.gg/dCbfj6AhJ8

Looking forward to seeing you all in the server soon.


i Just would like to say this is a Great Place to have Fun!
Even Though its in Development i was able to get Assistance with your staff immediately and they was and very patient.
if i could give this a 5 Star i would.
and i was first reading the post and I am Excited to see what comes to the Server
i personally want to be a Western Union man/or Pony Express i am Excited to see what you all have to offer. :grinning: :clap: :100:


Working on custom ones everyday, some are public yes, but this server is not live at the moment, hench why it says [In Development]

Is this voice RP or text? Not really a fan of voice rp cringe levels too much.

Most Red M servers will always use voice, i dont have plans to make it a text only server, yeah voice can induce cring sometimes but it all depends what kind of roleplayers you have in that community, if your community consists of good rpers then voice RP is one of the best RP experiences you will ever have. But , there is rules in place and staff will handle accordingly.

The discord link seems to be expired here, unless this is a lost cause or not around anymore

No we are still developing @MafiaBorn , we are now in alpha, Old Western RP has Merged with another community to improve man power and bring on more help and devs, we are now called WCRP and we can be found here, https://discord.gg/Kmam3BW We are using the same discord but re branded with a new name. I just been so busy with developing I havent had a chance to update this post yet. We have progressed tons and we now are close to launch. We got fully functional train, a in depth crafting system that is player driven which makes a realistic economy system. Where players will trade amongst each other for goods. We got woodcutting, farming, a full cooking system, moonshine, fishing, farming, fruit farming, chicken coop gathering, mining, full character creation system, very detailed stable system, just to name a few, there is a ton more but its alot to type out. We also run on VORP C#RE which is a C# framework, which runs better and smoother then a Lua Framework like RedMRP

Also NOTE if you join server, this happens on any server. Please make sure your graphics card supports Direct X 12. For some reason Red M likes to put Direct X 12 as default graphical setting instead of Vulkan. If your card does not support Direct X 12 you will crash. You must go into red dead single player and change manually there. Only Cards above 980 support Direct X 12

Come on in Guys!, Testing is ready for you to enjoy, REMEMBER Alpha Stage is buggy. Report your bugs and get rewards of some kind!!!

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Def not a Lost Cause! =)

Hey folks! WCRP RedM Director here! Just letting people know that we are still here and still updating the server every day! Take a minute and read the OP to get all the info you need to connect to our server!

P.S. We no longer require saltychat to play on our server!!! Woohoo!!

Howdy Cowboys/Cowgirls I want to let everyone know that coming to this server we go up and beyond here make your Fantasy to reality If you want to be lawmen, farmer, a Crazed Gold panning country folk, Done! if you want to be even a city slicker working in the office of a bank we are working away to bring that and much more
Here at WCRP, we like to bring players together and give them that White Collar Experience to bring you Great Content in-game!
so come on down to this here Frontier and Grab yourself a whiskey in the local Saloon and develop your Story with us!

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Housing system in, shop robberies coming soon, and advanced banking system.

We have reached over 130 members in only 15 days of alpha, banking is coming very soon, along with fishing that is just like the red dead storymode where you will be able to see each fish you catch and either keep it or throw it back into water.

Some more pictures of some of the content in our server, banks released today in current alpha, things are progressing very well and more updates and content to come in future.


Weaponsmithing is now a thing at WCRP, still in development but coming very soon with tons of other features, this will be a WL job that players will be able to do. And some weapons will be craftable without WL as well to be fair for all players

Banking is done =) Also Looking for more Staff and Business Owners!