Washington Department of Public Safety (Accepting Members)

Welcome and thanks for looking at our recruitment page! Our community is a fun and friendly place to be. If you want realistic role play this server is perfect for you! We offer many Department Options that you can choose from! Below is a list of current departments that we want to kick start!

Departments we offer!

-Park Rangers
-Department of Transportation
-Airlift Search and Rescue

Requirements to Join
-Must be 15 Years or Older
-Must have Mic
-Must be Mature
-Willing to learn a lot of information
-Willing to follow orders from your Chain of Command.
-Follow all Rules and Regulations stated in our Discord

Development in Our Server:
We are in the process of finishing the server completely off. The main mods and vehicles are in the game at the time! If we are missing a necessity we can make it happen. We will make sure to keep everyone updated when new scripts and mods are placed into the server!


Join the discord below and introduce yourself to the community!
Join our discord here --> https://discord.gg/NfEpnFR

Teamspeak will be strictly used for Roleplay Communications.
Teamspeak IP -->