Was fun

Started out fun. Like others say, its a nice break from RP. Unfortunately, in less than an hour my mind was completely changed. Now I’m totally good with the whole pvp/kill or be killed aspect of this type of server, but there has to be a balance somewhere. A friend and I were riding bikes down through the dark zone because we had just died. Two guys in an armored car pull up and ask us to stop, then proceed to get out and ask us what we have in our pockets to which we both reply nothing, we just died and are trying to make our way back. They then rob us of our shoes and gun us down, unarmed and empty pockets. If that wasnt enough to do it, we said GG and attempted again to go back to our belongings to collect them. This time, some guys in a caracara were riding around shooting anything that moved. They ran over my friend, and then gunned him down as he got back up. I was also hit by gunfire and bled out a short time later. Again, I understand its pvp, but there is a huge difference in pvp and shitty griefers. I very much want to give this server another shot and look forward to season two.


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