Warzone: San Andreas - Military Conquest Gamemode [Coming Soon]


Warzone: San Andreas is a military conquest gamemode, in which two teams battle for control of the island.
RP is encouraged but NOT REQUIRED. A second whitelist server may come along down the road that would have more aspects of that.
Our goal is to have a heavily modified server while keeping performance a priority. We aim to bring an enjoyable, unique, and intuitive experience.

Graphics such as HUD elements and icons are not final and will likely be redone


These are the generic names for both teams, will probably keep them that way unless something way better comes up.

BLUFOR - Consists mainly of the San Andreas National Guard, along with Special Forces units and some Private Military Contractors.

OPFOR - Consists mainly of rebel insurgents, along with foreign nation military forces.

We fully understand that people will want to hop in and squad up with their friends, and that is exactly what you can do.
Optionally, if you have no friends you can grab a Battle Buddy (An AI Friend, don’t go out there alone!) or you can join a designated Commander or Squad Lead if they are on.


Custom Map

Viewing Map

Because live satalite maps are cool, but mainly because GTA map blip icons hurt me inside. You can use the map to select a Control Point to display on your compass and as a waypoint on screen. The camera height, fov, and tilt can all be changed with movement keys.

Global Interactions

Interacting with Vehicle

The weapon wheel is gone, sorry, not sorry.
Instead you get a great way to interact with players, vehicles, objects, AI, and the environment.
All you have to do is look at text and hit the interaction key (Default: LMouse & E) or use ALT to use your mouse if you prefer.

Pushing Vehicle

Most ground vehicles can be pushed from three sides! Pushing from drivers door offers better turning radius, at the expense of being slightly slower than pushing from the rear.

Interacting with Ped

Players/Peds can be dragged from their legs or their arms and are ragdolled instead of playing an animation. You can also carry them over your shoulder for quicker movement and easier vehicle loading.

Those are a few of the many interactions that are available.

Control Points (CPs)

They are located throughout sectors of San Andreas and cover the whole island. When controlled, provide supply points which can be used to get weapons, vehicles, and more.

Forward Operating Bases (FOBs)

Scattered around the island in strategic locations, these are used as defense, to resupply your ammo, as well as to deploy vehicles and other types of weaponry. They do not have unlimited resources however, and teams will be required to convoy supplies from their main base or another FOB.

Convoy Types: Ammunition, Defenders (Friendly AI), and Fortifications (Increases FOB health)

Scripted Weapons

Weapons like Grenades (Frag, Smoke, Gas, Flash, Incindiary), Mortars, Mines, and IEDS were all scripted. Suppresion effects and *non-motion sick* recoil.

Radio Communication

In-game distance/frequency based radio (Only vehicles and Radio Operators have long range radios, all others are a shorter range) Each team has one secure frequency for main communications. Uses the method of sending your voice to specific people instead of just proximity.

Medical System

Ability to cripple limbs, limb specific bleeding, factor and chance based body armor protection.
Uses interaction system to apply bandages to limbs and perform other medical tasks.

Arsenal & Depot

Arsenal Menu

Used to equip gear, load and save custom loadouts, and deploy vehicles
Custom camera soon to be added to better view your player.

Only accessible in team controlled FOBs


Most everyone can run around, crouch, and even crawl, but shooting while prone, that's pretty cool!
Also be prepared to dolphin dive at the most inconvenient time because you accidently hit a button. (Joking, obviously)


You can change a multitude of options from custom HUD features to the color of the icons.
Want the enemy FOB icon to be hot pink? Gross, but sure, you can do that!


BLUFOR Ground Vehicles

These are some of the light-medium ground vehicles BLUFOR can deploy.

Full Ground Vehicle Table (WIP)

Scout Willy Jeep Dirt Bike
Light HMMWV (Base) SUV/Truck
Light Transport M939 5-Ton Ural Truck
Heavy Transport M977 HEMTT Kamaz Typhoon
Medium HMMWV (Armored) Gaz Tiger (Unarmed)
Medium MRAP (Unarmed) Gaz Tiger (Unarmed)
Light Growler (Armed) Technical (Armed)
Medium HMMWV (Armed) Gaz Tiger (Armed)
Heavy M2 Bradley LAV-25
Most of the easier to obtain vehicles will be those near the top of the list, which generally are unarmed. Vehicles are an important asset in warfare but we want the emphasis to be mainly on infantry with vehicles providing supporting roles transporting troops and with direct and indirect fire.

There are many air vehicles as well, most have unarmed and armed variants. Those will be disclosed at a later time.


Join our Discord for the latest news and updates!
Also check out our website at DeltaDistrict.com and sign up there.

Bonus Meme

For Developers/Artists: If you are a scripter, graphic designer, web developer, etc, and interested in helping out, please contact us through the Discord or apply on the site. We are currently expanding and looking for talented professionals.

Release Date

Alpha testing is currently on going and we plan to move into Beta testing shortly. If you want to be a part of the testing, the Discord and website will have the info. Public release is scheduled for late July, early August.

Some features have been left out and many more features are planned which will be updated at a later date.


Sounds cool! I’ll be sure to check it out over the weekend!

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Now this is insane. Looks good and I am sure it probably feels good. Great job guys hope all goes well with the testing.

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Amazing job! Looks like you’ve put a lot of effort into this.

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Very nice to see a custom game mode like this, it appears you put a lot of time / effort and thought into it. Wish you nothing but the best.

Will any of the source code be released to the public? Interested in some of your methods.

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Thank you all for the support and well wishes! Development has been on going for some time now and it is nice to finally get to show it off and it will be even better once everyone can enjoy it.

Yes, I definitely plan on releasing some of the features than can work as standalone scripts.
Were you interested in any feature’s methods in particular?

I’m liking the drags, I’m also very much so interested in the implementation of the custom scripted weapons. The medical system interests me in terms of how in depth it might be, I found a medical script from ARMA that looks super in depth and real. Wondering if it’s anything like that.

Ah yes the dragging is one of my favorite features and that will definitely be released as a standalone script in the future.

Right now most of the scripted weapons are explosive based, such as grenades, mines, mortars, rockets, etc. For those mainly just using natives for launching projectiles and creating a synced explosion. As well as raycasting methods from the explosion to simulate fragmentation which travels further than vanilla explosions.

As for the medical system, healing people is fairly simple at this point, to not over complicate things. Mainly picking which limb to bandage depending on which limb is bleeding.
Applying the damage is a bit more complex, overriding the health bar completely, but it is limited as I have only been able to determine what bone was hit, you can’t really tell if the bullet would have hit a vital organ or if it hit the actual mesh of the body armor. That’s where the distance, caliber, and chance comes into play on whether or not it goes through your body armor and/or hits a vital organ.
I was testing out with calculating distances from the impact and nearby bones to get an estimate of location on the bone but that is something that would take a bit longer to implement, if it worked correctly.

Very interesting! Well, I look forward to both enjoying your server and picking at the code you release!


Any updates?


Lots of updates! Has taken much longer than thought as we have run into some major and a lot of minor setbacks. But we are still working and intend on bringing a full gameplay experience.

Check out the first prop pack we released!

Our modular structures came out better than expected and we will also be releasing another prop pack containing misc warzone props such as tank traps, hesco barriers, etc.

have a estimated time of the drag script? really looking forward to that