Vulkanoa, a server made from A to Z

What’s Vulkanoa ?

Vulkanoa is french roleplay server(we plan do Spanish,English,… translations in maybe one year) made from A to Z by the staff. We don’t use any base, just MySQL-Async at this time(but we will make our own database system).

Vulkanoa is under development since june 2017, but we really started to make everything on mid-august.
We want to do server for the community and by the community, we listen to every suggestions and make changes if the community want something different.

At this time, sadly, I’m the only developer of this project so everything you’ll see is from me.

What’s unique ?

As I said, it’s our own gamemode but it has similitude with other gamemode like ESX,ES or vRP.

Here’s a list of non-exhaustive scripts that we have :

  • In-game CAD(Computer Aided Dispatch) for Police wich includes a lot of options :
    – Login with id and password, each officier has their id and password but everybody can use them if they find them. So it adds a bit of corruption, imagine a gang can pay to clean the criminal records of someone, etc
    – Logs system, everything you do on the computer is visible on the homepage
    – Do a report, file a complaint, criminal records, laws, rules, vehicles researched, interpol, and a lot more
    – Permissions system with ranks (“Niveau d’accréditation”)
    – Add, promote, demote, fire officiers
    – Take service
    – Send messages to all police officiers (you can even mention with @id)
    – And a lot more…

(I will stop saying “in-game…” because everything is in-game, there isn’t any system on a website or discord, we want to keep the roleplay on the server)

  • A working iPhone 8 :
    – Applications list :
    ++ Messages : send text, pictures, gifs
    ++ Contacts : add, manage and delete contacts
    ++ Maps : you can set the GPS to POI or you can add custom markers to your personnal list
    ++ Settings : mute the phone, change the wallpapers, enable 4G, Bluetooth
    ++ Fleeca : you can manage your bank account, transfer money, check historic, check balance, …
    ++ Stock Exchange : you can see price of the resources, buy shares, sale shares (the price of the resources vary on the activity of jobs : if you sell Iron, the price will decrease and increase Silver for example)
    ++ Appstore : you can install apps and order them on the Springboard
    ++ Radio : you can listen to radio (BBC,…)
    ++ Services : you can call the police, EMS, tow trucks, taxi, pizza delevery, lawyer,…
    ++ Crew (one of the best) : you can create crew with logo, motto, activities, manage members with a full permissions system and ranks, you can add markers for the crew, you can send message to the crews, …
    ++ Life Invader, Weazel News,…
    – Working network system with antennas that can be hacked to disable the nerwork in a certain zone

And some screenshots :

  • A university or college where you can obtain diplomas if you pass exams(multiple choice but the question are not that easy :stuck_out_tongue:). Imagine if you pass the chemisty diplomas, it gives you the ability to do meth, heroin,… and some jobs require diplomas

  • Jos system, some jobs require diplomas et licences

  • Identity card

  • Custom UI

  • Personal menu

  • Key system, you can locate the vehicle, throw key, loan keys, give keys (so the receiver can store the vehicle in his garage)

  • And a lot more…

Our goals…

Our main goal is to make a pretty good server with good scripts. We want to have a good community and spend hours playing together. We also want to have a development team, not only 1 guy.

So you’re french, but what about you, the english community ?

We hope that you understand that we cannot start translating everything now, as I said, we will a lot of servers for differents languages in the future.

Are you gonnal release your scripts ?

Not now because it takes time to do the support and the update, but we are considering this option, but in the future not now.

Is your server open ?

No it’s under development, we don’t announce any release date, just keep up to date with the discord and #dev_feed.

Whitelist or not ?

Of course, we are using a whitelist. There’s 320 slots in the whitelist, 64 are reserverd for the americans(Quebec mainly) players and 256 for Europe and the rest of the world. But the whitelist isn’t opened yet.

If you have any question, feel free to ask them here and not in PM so everyone can see the answer

If you want to see more :

Sorry for my english, it’s almost 02:00 here and need to sleep :smile:


This will be just a server which you will own it, or you will share the files and all with us ?

Is it to difficult to read the entire post ?

Are you gonnal release your scripts ?

Not now because it takes time to do the support and the update, but we are considering this option, but in the future not now.

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hey man, if you need any help with translations in the future i’m good at french(almost fluent), english(fluent) and italian(my motherlanguage).


Nice project. I’ll be up for any English translation if you’ll need it :wink:

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Qu’allez-vous télécharger???

Hi Vulkanoa,
That’s and interesting ID, is there somewhere a code that I could take a look at? Specially interested in signature pad that you have.
Best regards.