[vRP/ESX] Vehicle Shop (Dealership) HUD 2.0 [Paid Resource]

How to have custom car brand image show

  • Have brand image name first letter caps. ex. Tesla.png
  • Make sure brand name matches in your vehicles.meta (Make)
  • Create something like names.lua in car resource, example:
AddTextEntry("TESLA", "Tesla")
AddTextEntry("models", "Model S")

My Tesla Model S vehicles.meta:


My client_scripts line in fxmanifest.lua for my Tesla Model S:

client_scripts {

Anyone got this error after buying an car and try to store? [script:esx_advancedg] esx_advancedgarage: a81db2bc150b10b2a949acc49fb9012e88259ab3 attempted to store an vehicle they don’t own!

show me your table owned_vehicles

I believe esx_advancedgarage does not accept - on vehicle plates

Open Config file and set Config.PlateUseSpace = false

http://prntscr.com/1s5e87z here, i can store the car now after change it to false but i can’t find the car in my garage now

Back to true; Replace line 17 to

generatedPlate = string.upper(GetRandomLetter(Config.PlateLetters) .. ' ' ..  GetRandomNumber(Config.PlateNumbers))

Thanks after i’m buying a cars , there are in the database name unknown and category null so i can’t find them

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