Hey guys, I come from the Project Reality community (I run the =DRK= Drakelings community) and we actually have experience developing for Mumble 3D positional VOIP. We’ve actually created 3D positional VOIP for unsupported games from scratch, and as long as you’re able to export player positional data (which I can’t imagine not being possible with FiveReborn… since without knowing player positional data I don’t know how FiveReborn servers would be possible in the first place.)

However… we have a lot of development resources and experience creating things like this. With some help, I think it would be pretty reasonable to build a Mumble integration for GTAV. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if it already exists somewhere.

Here’s an example of our Mumble integration with Battlefield 1942. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNU0-lN_nXs

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