Voicebox working on both sides but not able to hear eachother

Hii all, i been working on my own server for the first time also. I have an issue and i dont know how to fix this.

So whenever i load into my own server i can hear the game and every other sound but i cannot hear my friend. His voicebox is working on his side and mine too. Its just we cannot hear eachother. No problem with hearing ingame sounds though.

Anyone able to help me figure this one out??

What voice system do you use? Are either of you able to hear any other players or are they able to hear you while you are experiencing this?

Thank you for responding. Its my vmenu interfearing with my already existing script that came with the esx build im using. I got rid of vmenu for now but i would like to use that. You maybe know how i can make that part work.