Voice chat issue when ending a call on gcphone

Hi everyone.

I have been having this issue for months now, and no matter what voice resource I use, or GCphone i use, it seems to never fix or have a solution.

I use Trew Hud currently. It comes with its own Voice chat. I fly into the city, and shuffle to shout for voice chat. I will answer a call and talk on the phone. Once i end the call, I wont be able to hear anyone as if I’m in shout. It will act as if its on whisper. I have to shuffle my voice all over again (press shift+h) multiple times. This issue happens every time someone gets on a call.

Does anyone know the solution to this? Do I need to start resources in the correct order or something? I have tried multiple voice chats, phones, and nothing works.

Server info:
75 player slots
TrewHud (has voice chat)

Hey Mo,

I think thats just an issue with the default VOIP. I know 100% there isnt the issue with TokoVOIP, so perhaps consider moving over to that, on top of fixing the issue it also has really good voice quality and the option to add radios ingame, im not sure if pineapple already has them.