Voice chat doesnt work

I can hear myself if I go to settings, but in game I cannot hear anybody, and when I speak, noone can hear me. I use the Razor Man O War headset, and have already tried re-installing my game.

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Might check your audio settings again. This has nothing to do with FiveReborn, voice works perfectly fine.

You could fire up the game itself, then set your audio accordingly and then join FiveReborn again.

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I can hear myself if I talk in voice detection on gta v, but I cannot hear anyone else. Any more suggestions?

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Test several settings with a friend.

Also, check your audio settings in windows itself… it might go to use the ‘default’ while you use your “Razor Man O War headset”.

I also have the same problem, my teamspeak is working fine and also all my voice settings are on max but i cant hear anyone talking.

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I re-installed my game and changed some settings. I can now hear people in game, but the ‘Who’s Talking:’ thing doesn’t show up.

In FiveReborn? Which trainer are you using? You’d have to have enhanced reborn and need to set that to show in the settjngs.

Fixed it, my recording software was mucking up my stuff.

Darth_gaming ihave the sameproblem how did you fix it i tried to reinstall the whole game

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