That’s a custom build

I know. Im just trying to figure out the code.

How do you remove the 30s cooldown when changing weathers.

How would we go about adding these into the permissions cfg?

  • WEAPON_METALDETECTOR - Metal Detector (Ammo: None)

from the new update?

“vMenu.WeaponOptions.PRECISIONRIFLE” allow ?
“vMenu.WeaponOptions.TACTICALRIFLE” allow ?

It does not work like this, the only way to add them is in vMenu\config\addons.json

it would seem we need a vmenu update anyways since the latest patch added a lot of stuff

Yep, i cannot used in newest artifact build because the menu doesn’t has text on it.

hey mr vespura is there anyway i could get dlc tattoos onto vmenu mp ped customization? preferably for free, i have a localhost server i use to play with friends, its not esx or anything just standalone but there is not tattoo shop script that works for standalone.

somehow i lost “show vehicle health” option from the vehicle options menu , any ideas ?

How would I set up vMenu permissions with esx legacy seeing it doesn’t use the steam id for the identifier?

i have a problem when i have vmenu ingame and you load in your game crashes