Any reason when I get into the server it says “vMenu is not setup correctly”

How to add an event to an item from another resource (rs9000)? I want to activate the radar through vMenu

is there a way to add a filter option to vMenu?

Hi, I would like to ask how I limit the “Misc seting” section in the vMenu for players, they abuse it on the server during RP events
Thanks for any answer.

Love this server side trainer! Quick question i have client side visual.dat when vmenu is active it is dim all the lights in the game. Am i missing a line in the permissions to fix this?

Figured it out, it was the weather option in vmenu was blocking radiance v

How do i make it so that only staff members admin and mods can use it not everyone

how to fix this ??

Is there any possible way to disable vmenu from opening upon a variable being true? have tried different ways to try to make this happen but I cannot figure it out.

Great Question it should be setr vmenu_menu_staff_only false as a default make that setr vmenu_menu_staff_only true and it will make it only admin and mods via the group inheritance… :wink:

Question, When i make an mp player and save it. When i log back in it does not spawn as the mp player i created although i can load up the saved mp player. i also chose the option to spawn that mp player created but it does not work. What to do?

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I personally never had or heard of this issue it seems to me that the MP Player you created needs to be set as the “Default Player” and you need to turn the setting “Respawn As Default MP Character” on in the Misc. setting… Hope this helps if it doesn’t just @ me… :wink:

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You have to delete your local fivem files, like completely reinstall it as a brand new user. That means you will lose everything you have saved in vmenu but it will fix your issue. I once had to do that when set as default mp character never spawned me as it should, then it got fixed. Hope this helps.

How do I make it so I can kick/ban my moderaters with out myself getting kicked/ banned as a Admin by them?

My vMenu doesn’t have the “Current Texture Selected” portion in ped customization

How do I disable Development tools section for everyone?

great work!

When I add a Vehicle to vMenu it goes to Addon then NULL How do I fix?

So, I am experiencing a weird issue with -supposedly- this resource. On my configuration I have commented out all of the voice properties. However, in my server, nobody with admin rights is able to hear anybody else unless we are in the same car, through a phone call or through the radio. Every user is able to hear us, though.

I´ve asked a few people and they all tell me it is vMenu, but at this point I have no idea since it is all commented out in the config. Does anybody have any ideas about this?