Found the issue, thanks for reporting it. It’s been fixed in the development branch.

Issue was caused because I had implemented some permissions/user config checks in the function that gets the saved weapons before restoring them, when this actually should’ve been implemented in functions that call the get function. Because if I needed to get the saved weapons (no matter if restore weapons is enabled or allowed, whenever I just need it) then it wouldn’t return anything because it did the permission/config option checks.

This was not easy to find because it only happened when you either:

  • have no permissions to access the weapon-restore options in the misc settings, or in the weapon loadouts menu.
  • had the restore weapons options disabled in both the weapon loadouts menu and the misc settings menu.
  • only happened on skin-change, not whenever the player spawned in the server for the first time.

Conditions like those are critical for finding such bug. I appreciate every attempt of ‘reporting a bug’, but please be specific.
Just saying “whenever changing skins, the inventory (later, after another comment which could’ve been prevented if enough info was provided in the first place, identified as weapons) gets cleared” is simply not enough. And it will take me even longer to try and figure out what the actual issue is instead of me putting time into solving the issue.

Please use the following template when reporting issues.

This template will automatically be provided for you whenever creating a bug report on the GitHub issues page.

But it’s not really specific to your current player (player options refers to ‘options to set for your current ped/player’).

Online players doesn’t seem right either since it has a list of players and options specific to certain players only, not one button to trigger them all.

It’ll have to go in misc settings, unless I make a completely separate menu for it, which is unlikely.