[vMenu] Southern City Roleplay, Looking for active Members!

Southern City Roleplay
Welcome to Southern City Roleplay!
Hello and welcome to Southern City Roleplay, a fresh new community to the cfx platform that promises to give you a one in a lifetime experience.

Why should you join us?
Well, we believe that you should join us as we are a thriving server looking for more community members to have fun and have a great experience. Our server is guaranteed to have no disrespectful Members along with Department Members, Staff Members & Community Management.

What Departments Can I apply for?
Within our server we have a variety of departments! Here are just some of our departments:

• Certified Civilian
• San Andreas Highway Patrol
• Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
• Los Santos Police Department
• San Andreas Fire & Medical
• Federal Aviation Administration
(Some Departments are still closed)

How Can I Join the Community?
To Join Our Community, you can direct to here:
Click me!!!

Join Our In-Game Service:
Search Southern City Roleplay on the FiveM search Menu
Press F8 and type the following: connect Southern City Roleplay (SCRP) | vMenu Based | 1000+ Custom Cars & EUP | Active LEO, Fire & Staff / Cfx.re

Thank You!
Southern City Roleplay