vMenu PLD

So I am using vMenu’s PLD for my rp sever I am curious how to edit the height and location of the PLD does anyone know how to do this? example

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if you got nearest postal script installed you can go to the config file for that and change it there

Did you read the question because that didn’t explain something I asked…

“vMenu” PLD (Player Location Display) not nearest postal…… vMenu is different because you have to edit it differently than a config.lua I’m trying to figure out how that is. Wasn’t trying to be rude at all but you didn’t answer any question that was asked…

ok let me rephrased what said are you trying to move the vmenu pld hud locations the nearest postal script has options to move the vmenu pld hud in the config file for nearest postal script

vMenu and nearest postal are two separate scripts… I am specifically trying to adjust vMenu’s PLD nothing else.

sorry mate then i got no idea sorry i could help you then
i do not you vmenu much often the last i use it was well over a year ago on my server then i change to nearest postal script

for me when i am trying to edit the vmenu player location display on that config file, it doesnt changes the vmenu PLD position but nearestpostal position, any ideas how to fix it?

Nearest postal and vMenu aren’t the same script…