vMenu Perms?

How do i fix this:
^3[vMenu] [WARNING] vMenu is set up to ignore permissions!
If you did this on purpose then you can ignore this warning.
If you did not set this on purpose, then you must have made a mistake while setting up vMenu.
Please read the vMenu documentation (^5https://docs.vespura.com/vmenu^3).
Most likely you are not executing the permissions.cfg (correctly).^7
Instantiated instance of script vMenuServer.MainServer.
Started resource vMenu

follow the setup guide on their WIKI!

do u have a link to the place i need to look


Chances are you did not Execute the permissions.cfg in your Server.cfg

Could you tell me where to find server.cfg in Cfx.re dev kit? Thanks

No such thing currently, but you can utilize .fxdk/fxserver/blank.cfg file, it will be loaded.