Vivid RP - Brand New City - Looking For Devs & Staff! | High FPS | | Civ Friendly | Cops | EMS | Mechanics | Gangs | Drugs | Robberies

ive joined 4-5 rp servers and this is the best one by far. its great

VividRP is a really good rp server that has a great community and it’s very optimized to meet your needs. It’s a very amazing server!

Been on the server for a solid day & can say it’s 5/5​:star2:. Welcoming community :+1:t5:

Vivid RP is probably the best server i’ve been in. had and having lots of fun on Vivid. If someone is looking at this, this server is it, you need to join.

Server goes hard, what can I say?


Definitely a great RP server! This was my first rp server I’ve join and everyone staff/civilians help me learn the do’s and don’ts. I give this server 110% recommendation

great server, great people :slight_smile:

So Far i am loving this place! Great intro!

Amazing server, they value their players to the fully extent.

Defiantly recommend over other servers i’ve been on, very friendly staff!

really great community

New to the city. So far very friendly and helpful community.