Vital Roleplay | Whitelisted | Launching 5/24/24 | 1700+ Members

Vital Roleplay 2024 :partying_face:

Vital Roleplay is a whitelisted Grand Theft Auto V roleplay community that first released on an alternative platform in 2022. We are a serious FiveM community that has been together since 2020.

At the heart of Vital Roleplay lies a commitment to authenticity and professionalism, reflected in our robust ruleset and active staff team. Whether patrolling the streets as law enforcement officers, navigating the treacherous waters of organized crime, or pursuing careers in legitimate businesses, players can expect a rich and immersive experience shaped by realistic roleplaying standards and supported by well developed game mechanics.

In joining Vital Roleplay, players embark on an exhilarating journey through the streets of Los Santos and beyond, where every corner holds the promise of adventure and discovery. Whether you’re a seasoned roleplaying veteran or a newcomer eager to explore this captivating world, there’s a place for you within our ranks. So come, join us, and let your story unfold in the sprawling landscape of Vital Roleplay.

Let’s take a look at some of our features…

:clipboard: Civilian Jobs & Activities

Multiple Public Jobs! :dollar:

Explore our public job systems with gold panning, mining, fishing, delivery jobs, farming,

Detailed Housing System! :houses:
Buy or rent a house in game! You can choose from pre-set interiors or you can purchase an empty shell and design your own walls, floors, ceilings and furniture! You can also build outside of your property to place furniture or building materials!

Player owned businesses :convenience_store:

Many fun activities to do :ping_pong:

:police_car: Government Employment

Los Santos Police Department :police_car:

San Andreas Emergency Medical Services :ambulance:

:bank: :earth_americas: Criminal World!

Money Trucks :moneybag:

Rob bank trucks for a haul of dirty money and valuable items that are otherwise unobtainable! Rob the truck alone or with your friends but be careful… there are armed guards inside of the money truck that will shoot on sight!

Unique & Detailed Store Robberies :shopping_cart:

In your spare time you can rob stores for cash - the store owner will try and stop you though. Take the store owner down, steal the till keys and safe code to steal the money!!

Detailed Bank Robberies :bank:

Plan out and execute detailed bank robberies. Grab your drill, hacking equipment, guns and friends to rob the local fleeca bank!

Insane Turf System :black_flag:

Claim turf with your criminal faction by selling drugs, fighting with other gangs or tagging other gangs turfs to take it over!

In-depth Crafting :hammer:

Access the criminal faction crafting bench to upgrade and repair illegal weapons!

Illegal delivery system :truck:

Complete illegal deliveries with your friends or gang, watch out for rival gangs or the cops! They may be interested in what you’re doing :wink:

This looks insane. Finally an RP server to call home.

I’ve never seen a server with such potential. Given Vital RP’s history I have no doubt that this will blow up. The scripts in game are insanely detailed and well developed. Join up today!

:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

absolutely gnarly! script looks to offer tons of promise. definitely glad to see it’s WL so there can be a defined level of rp expected from everyone.

lookin forward to showcasing some rp and making some gnarly scenes!

Vital Roleplay - Feature Showcase

Welcome to another Vital Roleplay feature showcase! We’d like to show the community our new, polished and implemented mechanics script!
Showcase Link:

Open Playtest - This weekend! (With a chance to win :dollar:)

Commencing Saturday the 4th of May, we are hosting our first open playtest! Remember, this play-test is focused on testing scripting and features, so there’s no need for roleplay - unless you want to of course!

This comes with some exciting news! Our upcoming play-test this weekend will include a chance to win $50 in-game credit on both Saturday and Sunday! All you need to do is log in on 5 May 2024 and 6 May 2024, to be eligible for a chance to win.

To participate in the Vital Roleplay server, please join the discord :arrow_down: :heart: :v:


Huge potential :fire:… Very excited.

Vital one of the best of bests :boom:

Lets goooooooooo

It was a real pleasure to immerse yourself in the experience, and there were so many activities to explore in the city. The exceptional support from the staff has increased the excitement, and I eagerly await the full release, as well as the possibility of participating in even more immersive activities.

Very impressed and excited for full release for VITAL
Devs did a good job so far and look very commited to deliver the best experience to the community :clap:

Vital Roleplay - Feature Showcase

Yesterday Vital Roleplay had it’s first open playtest with the community. We had a wide range of players join the server to test out our scripts & features. Our playtest went very well with a lot of roleplay occuring between criminals, civilians, police & the medical department.

We will be having another open playtest today, so please join our discord if you haven’t already to participate in the playtest.

:email: VITAL RP :email:

Please see the below images & videos that our community produced during yesterdays playtest.

Let’s goooo! This server has been extremely fun. If you are out there looking for a new home or just starting out this is the place to be. Admins and staff are active and working nonstop to ensure the bugs are fixed. Did a play test on Saturday and ALL the bugs were fixed the same day.

Vital Roleplay - Community Update

Yesterday at Vital Roleplay, we had our final open play test. During this play test we hit a new record of players. Our server hit over 45 players, bearing in mind the server isn’t even fully released yet so we are incredibly happy with this number.

We’ve received amazing feedback and support from the community with suggestions, bug reports and general patience.

More information in regards to the release date & further play tests will be announced shortly.

:email: VITAL RP :email:

Please see the below images & videos that our community produced during yesterdays playtest.

Vital Roleplay - Community Update

Saturday saw another Vital Roleplay play-test, with a twist! This play-test was a standard play-test but with roleplay rules enforced! It was like a little snippet into what life will be like on Vital Roleplay launch. Of course with any play-test, bugs were identified, suggestions were made and players had the time of their lives! It’s also worth mentioning that we reached 50 players during this play test!!! Good job community :stuck_out_tongue:

:email: VITAL RP :email:

:question: So, what now?

As it stands, there are no further play-tests planned. The development team are now going through the bug list that the community has given us (brilliant work by the way folks!) and the team will work on fixing known issues. The staff team is also still testing the server and reporting bugs during the public downtime.

I know we are all eager to hear about the server release date and more information in regards to the servers future. More information will be released by the management team soon, so stay tuned!

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Had an amazing time with the last playtest. Great RP from everyone and an incredible community as well. The full release can’t come soon enough

I have been a long time supporter of Vital and I have to say I love the direction its going in. I’ve always been really invested in the medical/firefighter roleplay and being the chief of their medical department is a huge honor. Every play test we’ve done so far has been blast! Really looking forward to the future and everything they have to offer.

Vital Roleplay - Release Date Announced 5/24/24!

Greetings FiveM community! Vital Roleplay is now set to release on the 24th of May this year! Ontop of this, we have now officially released our whitelist application :clipboard:.

Please join our discord (listed below) and make your way to our whitelisting-application channel to review the whitelist application instructions.

:email: VITAL RP :email:

:camera: Trailer Release

The official Vital Roleplay trailer has now been released. Please see this exciting and incredible trailer below.