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VirtualRP strives for the highest quality roleplay, with a emphasis on serious and realistic roleplay. We are a community driven server that constantly wants to find ways to improve the experience of every single member of the community. We are always looking for more types of role-players, whether that be a member of the State Police, Medical Services, Law Abiding Citizens and even Notorious Criminals.

  • Join our Discord to check out the community, player guide, and everything else!


What VirtualRP Offers;

  • Player Owned Businesses
  • Countless Custom Vehicles W/ Tuned Handling
  • Balanced & Realistic Economy
  • Consistent Updates
  • Mountains of Custom Clothing
  • Illegal & Legal Activities

Whitelisted Jobs

  • San Andreas State Police
  • San Andreas Medical Services
  • Mechanic Shop
  • Car Dealership [PDM/Luxury Automotive]

Roleplay Based Jobs

  • Vanilla Unicorn
  • Cat Cafe
  • Burgershot
  • & More.

If there is something that isn’t on this list, simply head into the city and start working at it! At first you may need to get creative however we will gladly provide you with some script help if you show this is something you want to do!

Civilian Jobs

  • Mining
  • Lumberyard
  • Jewelry Crafting
  • Taxi Driver
  • Weazel News
  • Scuba Diving
  • Fishing

Illegal Jobs

  • Shop Robberies
  • Bank Robberies
  • Vehicle Boosting
  • Chop Shop
  • House Robberies
  • & Many More!

Extra support is available for those who wish to partake in a lore-friendly gang. Custom gangs are also supported, as we will do our best to provide a place for you to call home.

We look forward to seeing you in VirtualRP

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VirtualRP Change Log;

  • Overhauled EUP system to bring in more custom items. Further updates to EUP will come soon.
  • Updated progress bar UI
  • Installed money laundering script to work in conjunction with robberies
  • Installed new MLOs in preparation for custom script installation
  • Installed new chop shop script that allows you to pull the vehicle apart piece by piece.
  • Overhauled the Garbage job script to allow for a more interactive experience
  • Added new police interactions into the radial menu
  • More change-log information available in Discord


  • We’re currently still in development stages however we will be opening the server up to the public regularly to allow for more community feedback as we get closer to public launch. Join us today!

VirtualRP Discord

VirtualRP Change Log;


  • Added vehicle boosting script. You can now get contracts to pick up and deliver vehicles, be warned there are obstacles that will stand in your way
  • Added vin scratching. This will allow players during vehicle boosts to choose to scratch a vin. This allows you to keep the vehicle.
  • Added a new drug selling script. This still needs to be tweaked a little to include all drugs, however you will need to find specific areas around the city that allow you to sell drugs. Hold them in your pocket, and interact with your vehicle trunk. There are some vehicles this is intentionally not able to work on, we’ll give more information when the QC time on this ends.
  • Added a gangs script for possible future use. This includes gang sprays, boss menus etc. More details to come
  • Added a laptop script that serves as a HUB for a lot of scripts including trading for Crypto currencies. What else does it do? Only one way to find out.
  • Added a meth script. This allows you to progress through the meth tree in terms of cooking, selling, allows players to create their own strains of meth and some strains can have a better quality than others, this is all something you can learn by testing.
  • Added a restaurants script, this will be handy in replacing some of the other scripts that were a bit buggy. This is likely going to lead to more information down the road.


  • Updated dealerships to include all custom vehicles
  • Updated chop shop locations so that part disassembly can be completed where you bring vehicle
  • Updated boosting script to include more custom vehicles, this will continually get updates
  • Updated -certain- shops to allow access to items needed for boosting
  • Updated locations to obtain weed seeds, find them IC
  • Configured weapons license to be obtained through the SASP
  • Removed additional parking garage outside of mission row
  • Reconfigured part of the lumber job script to remove the need to pay for chainsaws constantly
  • Reconfigured part of the mining job script to prepare for economy balancing
  • Updated black market shop and moved it into its permanent location in city. Have fun looking
  • Updated chop shop location and moved it to it’s permanent residence.
  • Updated configuration of ambulance job to allow SAMS a better QoL in city
  • Updated configuration of police job for SASP QoL
  • Updated vehicle trunk sizes to fit vehicles classes more accurately
    Small car = less trunk
    Big truck = more trunk :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Updated core items for logging/mining weights to allow for a little bit more to be carried
  • Removed Renewed-QB Phone and replaced with Quasar phone. There still might be an error or two but I’ve not found one.
  • Added configuration for SASP to interact with future gang RP.
  • Redid the splash pages for the MDTS for SASP & SAMS
  • Updated locales for the clothing shop.
  • Updated SASP alerts to go through MDT instead of having qb-core alerts
  • Updated EMS alerts to go through MDT
  • Added mechanic shop interactions to the radial menu, still need to tweak the zone recognition but it’s a start.

The server is extremely close to being ready to be pushed live out of the development server, and the only things that really are required to be finished before launch is economy balancing and some fine tuning with scripts

VirtualRP Discord

VirtualRP Pre-Launch Notes.
We’re ALMOST there!

With the official launch of the server coming within the next week, I wanted to go over a few things that are likely to be the first things asked when the server launches officially. Some of this is also provided to help you with functionality in the server as it’ll likely be a difference from what you’ve used in the past.

Roleplay Owned Businesses

  • An oft-asked question I’ve always seen is someone asking if they could roleplay that they run business A-Z. The short answer to this is, yes unless someone else is actively doing so. At launch there will be multiple unutilized open interiors such as the Cat CafĂ©, Burgershot and other locations. There are zero placeholders for an owned business in this city so if any of that is something that interests you, run with it, and if you show enough initiative in your actions, you might force our hands to add some functionality to what you’re doing in terms of scripts to aid your roleplay.

Mechanic Job

  • Roleplay and active employees are required to apply upgrades to vehicles. At server launch the functionality of repairing vehicles and previewing upgrades will be available at any of the marked locations. If you’re pulling into a Bennys it’s at the back section. If you’re interested in being a car dealer on this server, feel free to reach out or show some initiative in the roleplay you’re providing.

Dealership Job

  • PDM at launch will remain a free-use dealership, meaning you can go there and buy what you like at your own leisure. The caveat is this, Luxury Automotive a roleplay required purchasing dealership is the only location to get your hands on super or sports cars. If you’re interested in being a car dealer on this server, feel free to reach out or show some initiative in the roleplay you’re providing.

Illegal Locations

  • There is a chop shop, black market, and a litany of other things to do as a criminal. Find them in game, value the knowledge and above all else enjoy them.

Civilian Jobs/Economy

  • We are working tirelessly to balance the economy of the server. We have balanced all of the applicable jobs from Mining, Lumberjack, Taxi, Fishing and others to ensure that no matter what you’d prefer to do you’re not going to end up losing countless hours because you weren’t doing the “job that pays best.” Each job rewards you similarly for time spent, those with extra steps beyond may reward you a little bit more

Legal Weapons License

  • Contact the SASP via your phone to arrange a time to stop by MRPD to get a weapons license. Roleplay it out, fun times.

Clothing Store

  • You will see a display on your screen when you’re in the area for a clothing store, but access it with the radial menu.

Gang System

  • There is a gang system in place, however there is no formal application for a gang. The beauty is, if you operate as a gang, you keep your noses clean as far as rule breaks go and you provide quality roleplay to the server, you will eventually end up in the system. The integration may take some time, however we’re here to reward those who put time in, not those who just want to stake a claim to the gang name.

Join us before our official launch this week!
VirtualRP Discord


  • In anticipation of our official launch within the next 24 hours, we will be leaving our development server open for complete full access. We have made it so that our server requires you to be part of our Discord as a very soft version of “whitelist”

  • We are also actively looking for more police and paramedic applicants to train when the launch becomes official.

  • New roleplayers, experienced, all are welcome! So come join what is soon to become one of the best new communities on FiveM today!.


VirtualRP is officially live! Join the brand new FiveM Community that is bound to help you spend countless hours in a virtual city!


I’ve been looking for a server to play in for quite some time, and even though this server was launching for the first time yesterday, I decided to give it a try.

It’s really well put together, I didn’t run into any issues while I was in city for 5+ hours last night and, would recommend it to anyone out there wanting to give a server a chance. The community is still small, but they’re doing a pretty darn good job for something that is clearly so new.

It was really cool to see the police training in city, I pulled up to a gas station and the area was blockaded off and it looked like they really were putting the work in to make sure their emergency services were up to snuff.

Great stuff guys!

VirtualRP has removed the necessity to be part of the Discord channel in order to join the server and check it out. Feel free to stop in at any time and join in on the fun! :slight_smile:

Virtual RP Discord
CFX Listing

Interested in being a member of the San Andreas State Police? Or perhaps you want to take a chance by running away from these prestigious vehicles in VirtualRP.

We’re actively looking to expand our player base and that does include our whitelisted jobs! So come join the experience today!

VirtualRP Discord
CFX Listing

VirtualRP Changelog 1.1.2

March 09 2023 to March 18 2023

  • Massive clothing update which includes a plethora of new items.
  • Integration of a new, more interactive Chop Shop
  • Replacement of the shop robberies script which
  • Integration of approximately 200+ vehicles to the car dealership
  • Reconfigured the tow job mechanic to work cohesively with the mechanic job. This allowing players to be able to roleplay a proper mechanic shop, instead of having both entities separate.
  • Update to the weed selling script.
  • Radial Menu quality of life changes
  • Third eye quality of life changes
  • Updated alerts for the State Police & Medical Services
  • Reconfigured consumables to require less hassle to refill your hunger & thirst
  • Installation of QS-Smartphone
  • Adjusted locations where seeds for weed planting are obtained
  • Reconfigured vehicle trunks to be consistent with vehicle sizing
  • Check our Discord for more updates!

VirtualRP Update.
State of San Andreas Updates

  • The State has started working on implementing new stores into the brand new Vespucci Beach Market! Only a few stores will be open at this time with many many many more to come.
  • The State has closed the Benny’s location formerly operated by JD customs for a government building, JD customs has now moved south of City Hall.
  • Flocks of new food establishments have opened their doors for the first time. Burgershot, Bean Machine, Atom Burger, Horny’s, Cat Cafe, a Pizzeria and more!
  • After hearing about the new establishments, Bahama Mamas have decided to open their doors as competition to Vanilla Unicorn.
  • 24/7 has brought a brand new modern look to their establishment while LTD gas stations have decided to just repaint the exterior.
  • The Diamond Casino & Resort has opened it’s doors although it looks like they forgot to hire someone. Maybe there’s something downstairs :o
  • Paleto has opened a new bank to help bring their citizens a better experience.
  • Ammunation has updated with the times and given its stores a fresh new remodel, with a slick modern look in the city and a very paleto-specific style up north
  • Repairs were made to Mission Row Police Department in addition to Pillbox Hospital
  • A new automotive shop opened far south in the city near the docks, a weird location but that area needed some more businesses
  • Premium Deluxe Motorsports has renovated almost overnight to provide a much classier and clean operation.
  • A bowling alley opened up in the city right across from the new Ottos car dealership and Pizzeria! Otto still is out of town for the time being but he put his sign on the door and went home!
  • The barber shops in the city have decided to go with a slick modern feel, rivalling that of the updated designs at Binco & Ponsonbys.
  • We shall not forget to mention the interior renovation the Tattoo parlors have gone through, that wall art is something to see!
  • A liquor store has opened its doors in Paleto, suprisingly a new addition as they didn’t have one before? (Really I’d have thought they had tons!)
  • Maze Bank Arena is done being an afterthought with a long list of venues being provided to the city, there is likely to be an event there soon o.o!
  • Rumors of a Chop Shop in the State were confirmed after a sting operation by the SASP. Rumor has it that the chop shop has returned to a new location somewhere in the State.

The Tender Bits

  • New Racing Script compatible with the laptop in the city, find your way around it in city.
  • Updated Vangelico robbery to replace the pre-existing. This is a much more immersive feel.
  • Humane Labs is now robbable, how? Find out in stores… well actually in city.
  • The Casino - is now robbable. Have fun figuring that bad boy out.
  • Paleto Bank is now robbable in addition to the new liquor store.
  • PACIFIC STANDARD - is now robbable. Have fun with that cops & crims.
  • Updated bank robbery script with crystal clean animations. Have fun with it.
  • Added functionality to all of the new interior food business’s (Hornys, Vanilla Unicorn, Up & Atom, Cat Cafe, Bean Machine, Burgershot)


  • Removed an issue with one of the woodworking benches.
  • Removed an issue of qb-target not recognizing different kinds of drugs (weed in particular) when trying to sell.
  • Removed the ability to “switch characters” from the housing script.
  • Removed the ability to “log out” from the apartment script.
  • Added a clear animation task to the mining animation. This should solve peoples issues getting stuck in animation.
  • Moved the fishing ped out of the building up north, not entirely sure what he was inside a building for.
  • Fixed the script to allow actual sales from both fishing peds.
  • Adjusted stress levels gained while driving to lower.
  • Adjusted weed seed deliverables from the trash to much lower levels.
  • Fixed errors in the vehicle shop script
  • Lowered the cost of respawning at hospitals.
  • Lowered the rate at which black outs occur when injured
  • Lowered the rate at which injuries become major when injured.
  • Lowered the cost substantially when checking into the doctor @ Pillbox.
  • Added locations for Doctors in Paleto & Sandy to allow for more options for checking in to get your wounds fixed.
  • Added a single custom vehicle that you will all hear about soon.
  • Removed a pseudo teleport available at Pillbox for medical staff
  • Removed speed limiter options in helicopters / planes. That made for some interesting flight paths.
  • Moved weedshop into new market location
  • Moved Digital Den into new market location
  • Moved the banking tellers for Pacific Bank into proper locations
  • Moved the banking teller for Paleto bank into the proper location
  • Adjusted locations for police MDT items
  • Added robbery locations to the new 24/7 on Popular Street
  • Added consumables all throughout the city for all of the new robberies. Happy hunting.
  • Fixed shop vendor poly to stop interfering with gas station register robberies.
  • Introduced a secretive buyer for the items obtained from the robberies.
  • Added consumable animations for most /if/ not all items. Some may still be bags but just let me know in a ticket and I’ll fix it a lot faster this time.
  • Moved the finance vehicle option in PDM to the sales desk furthest away from the counter

Reliant Robin Demolition Derby Event
This event has been sponsored by BLK & JD Customs , providing plenty of cash prizes for those participating. Medical staff will be on site to assist with any injuries sustained during the event, however we will advise you to get out of the vehicle if it lights on fire! Nobody wants to inhale the smell of burning flesh.

The event will consist of two rounds. One for the actual contest with prizes below, and a second round just for entertainment purposes with a few surprises courtesy of JD Customs.
Jumping into the Ring of Fire : $35,000
Last Standing : $40,000 & A Free Reliant Robin!
Second Place : $25,000 & A Free Reliant Robin
Third Place : $15,000 & A Free Reliant Robin
Fourth Place : A Free Reliant Robin!
Fifth Place : A Free Reliant Robin!

Event Date : Sunday March 26th, 5:00PM EST
Event Entrants : Apply in our Discord
All entrants must be in our Server Discord!
Vehicles : All vehicles will be provided by Maze Bank Arena prior to the event taking place.

VirtualRP - Needs You!

VirtualRP has gotten off to a great start, however more citizens of all varieties are needed to help fill this city up! If you're curious as to why try VirtualRP, well let me help you out!
  • Player Owned Businesses
  • Massive Amounts of Custom Content
  • Custom Vehicles for Days
  • Custom Clothing for Weeks

Right now all new players start with $50,000 starting cash. This offer will last only for a limited time before resetting back to $25,000! Hurry, before you miss out on money! Nobody wants that


Hmm… I wonder what I should say…

not sure to be honest. However… this community is just the best. everyone be hella friendly and no toxicity.

super chill and super fun place to game and spend time on.
in fact… so fun i made my very own fanmade trailer on something for the very first tine.

BHM fanmade trailer


That is a fantastic video, and we’re extremely happy to hear you’re enjoying your time in the server! You’re an awesome part of the community and we look forward to many more interesting interactions with you in the future.

VirtualRP wants to invite anyone who reads this post this far to join their Discord, or simply come play in the server. We’re welcoming to all styles of roleplay and are loving watching this community blossom into something bigger and better every single day. We understand that finding a new home takes time, but with the people in this community, you’ll feel like you fit right in as if you were here from the day it all started.


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VirtualRP Update - 03/29/23
While the last update focused on the criminal activities and gave them a fresh new look and feel, this update was geared towards giving the law abiding citizens more things to do during their day.

  • A group-friendly garbage job, with multiple locations and support for up to (4) people.
  • A lawnmower job
  • Finished integration setup for custom gang lore. Bring the gangs, this city wants to see your colors shine.

This update did include more things, however they were quality of life changes to the pre-existing server. If you’re interested in seeing what we have in store, join our community and watch out for the upcoming update that is about to make you appreciate being a law abiding citizen in GTA5RP!