Virtual Roleplay | SeriousRP | Criminal Activities & Civilian Jobs | Custom Gang & MC Integration

Absolutely incredible group of people. Owner/government is awesome and super responsive. The people are fun and the rp is always above par. Cannot recommend enough and hope to see people join to make it even better!

Virtual Roleplay Continuing To Grow

Come join one of the best communities in FiveM. Our population is consistently rising and we have a massive update that will change all civilians lives for the better, the update is expected to launch this Friday! You won’t want to miss out on this one as it brings a whole new purpose to being a civilian in San Andreas.

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Virtual Roleplay Brings Immersive Jobs

Tired of the same old mining job in every city? Tired of breaking a sweat trying to find somewhere that offers something different?

Look no further, as Virtual Roleplay just launched a new and exciting rework of multiple civilian jobs. Mining now has a super unique feeling to it, supporting groups of up to four people to work together in the mineshaft. You can even be a construction worker that allows you to head to a jobsite and work in real time to affect the world of San Andreas. Watch your work take shape right in front of you as you fill a much needed job role.

There’s so much more in store, like a fully revamped lumber job and electrician job, why wait?
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