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We love to hear things like this from our player base. While yes, it is a small(er) community at the moment it’s definitely a tight knit group and we would love to add onto it.

Thank you so much for the kind words!

This server is absolutely amazing from the player base being great role-players to the friendly staff who always try to resolve any issue brought up! the dev work on this server is above all else the best they have pushed several updates to the server since launch almost a month ago from quality of life changes to major location additions like the new hunting zone and lawn mower job!

if you’re looking for a new server to call home VRP is the server for you!

Thank you for the recommendation, it’s been an absolute blast getting to know you both in character and out! You definitely know how to go all-in on the #serialkillervibes :laughing:!

VirtualRP Change Log 04-05-2023

  • Added a used car dealership to allow players to sell their owned vehicles directly to players using the car lot, or to simply sell it directly to the dealership at a percentage of the original cost.
  • Added additional parking lots in Grapeseed, and around two apartment complexes.
  • Replaced the loading screen with a much cleaner, better looking version.
  • Moved the State Police to a new location.
  • Replaced the default inventory system with a much better system.
  • Integrated custom graffiti sprays for multiple gangs in the city.
  • Added a custom delivery vehicle for one of the active food enterprises in the city.
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VirtualRP Change Log 04-13-2023

  • Added a car lift for mechanic shops to use for more immersive roleplay.
  • Completely re-worked the car dealership script to allow for a more immersive roleplay experience for employees.
  • Added multiple new vehicles to the dealership(s)
  • Added a donator shop that allows users to support the server with some in game rewards, these rewards are earnable in game, however we wanted to make sure if people were supporting us to give back.
  • Implemented a new mechanic shop, Ottos Automotive.
  • Added custom uniforms for workers at the Cat Cafe, and some new MC Cuts.
  • Worked at further balancing the economy prior to a large upcoming vehicle update
  • Added functionality to Vanilla Unicorn, Cat Cafe, and Bean Machine to enhance the roleplay for members of the community
  • Reworked the store robbery script to include better functionality.
  • Rebranded the San Andreas Medical Services to the Emergency Department with new uniforms and new custom vehicle liveries.
  • Added the ability for people to leave “scene” tags in roleplay situations where they may be leaving information for people to find at a later date
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Are you interested in being a member of the San Andreas State Police? Perhaps you’re inclined to be the person who can say they saved a life today.

VirtualRP is looking to hire more medical staff, police officers, we’re even looking for more criminals and law abiding citizens to fill the streets of San Andreas. There is no limit when you’re in VirtualRP.

So stop swimming in place, come be a part of the community that treats you like you belong

VirtualRP Discord

Yall, I’ll start off by saying when I join new communities I have a lot of expectations, and standards that I want to see. I may say I am a hardass when looking for a good community.
But this community, is something great, I have only been here for a day or two and I am already in love with it. From the owner all the way to a basic member, everyone is super friendly and nice to anyone and everyone. I felt welcome almost immediately. Genuine people who actually want to RolePlay and have fun. The server itself is beyond fantastic, there are so many things that I have never in the 4 years I’ve been Roleplaying seen before. This server will hook you in and you will absolutely love it :slight_smile:
Come check it out and you will NOT be disappointed in what you find and see.

VirtualRP Update 1.6.0

Housing Update

  • It’s heerrreeee . You are now able to contact Dynasty 8 Real Estate to purchase a brand new home! We’ve setup some pre-configured zones for houses that will have ranges of prices, every house is individually setup, able to be customized and decorated to your like once you’ve purchased it.

Vehicle Tuning

  • This update includes a massive tuning change for the entirety of the vehicles in VirtualRP. What this does is adds a bit more realism to cornering, and well just overall vehicle handling.

New Police Evidence System

  • Out with the old, in with the new. This just gives police a more interesting way to deal with scenes that are left behind with no trace of a suspect. Just allows more ability to RP.


  • Ever think your car or pockets can’t hold that right amount? The storage shed has arrived in San Andreas, so be sure to check them out once they’re all situated for all of your storage needs!


  • Ever want to be a true westerner and sit there crafting your own moonshine? Wait no longer! The shop is located in San Andreas, so go find it. You can pick up and place barrels and stills as you need them. Careful though, it gets a bit smoky.

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  • The community keeps expanding, so why wait? Come be a part of a server that puts the community first above all else and treats every individual like they matter, because they do
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:police_car: VirtualRP - San Andreas State Police Department :police_car:
Have you ever felt like it was your calling to keep someone safe, or perhaps help a known criminal turn their life around? Do you like long hours inside a cruiser listening to radio chatter? The San Andreas State Police department might just be for you! Actively seeking new hires regardless of their experience levels as training is provided for all recruits. Come join the department, and be part of a better San Andreas.

Apply Here
VirtualRP Discord

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What are you waiting for? Join the best RolePlay community out here! come check us out today, you wont be dissapointed :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Monkey for those kind words about the server, we’re really happy to hear in your short time in the server that you’re enjoying it so much! You’ve been a wonderful addition to the server and we can’t wait to see more people like you be part of the community.

Hey You, yeah you! Sergeant Stevens with the SASP here. Have you ever wanted to join a department where you feel accomplished? Get rewarded for your hard work? Actually cared about and heard by High Command? Well join us today! We are accepting new applicants! We are getting ready to open up more divisions so you can dabble in whatever you would like! Do you have questions?. You can reach out to me, or join the discord at VirtualRP and ask a High Command member :slight_smile: If you do choose to apply, youll join the discord and then go to the application links section :slight_smile:

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Is there a voice in your head that leads you down the path of helping others? Do you often worry if random strangers are going to live to see the next day? You might not be crazy, you might just be someone who was born to be part of the Medical Services Department. VirtualRP is looking to expand its ever growing SAMS department, so why not become part of the department that keeps San Andreas on its feet? Join Today


VirtualRP Recent Updates

  • Added a new immersive chop shop in the server replacing the old one, this one requires you to find a specific vehicle and take it to a random location
  • Added the Moore’s Club MLO and a few other nifty little MLOs.
  • Added more custom gang and MC interaction abilities for the server.

What else are you waiting for? Join VirtualRP today!

The Police Academy

Wanting to be a part of the best division San Andreas has to offer? VirtualRP is hosting its first ever police academy May 27th, 2023. We welcome all applicants whether experienced or not, as we will provide top tier training to ensure that you are comfortable being out there on the streets of the city

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Apply Here

While Virtual Roleplay waits for it’s upcoming update that will see a lot of quality of life changes incoming, we have chosen to make it so that for the entire long weekend (Ends May 22nd) all new players start with $50,000 in their pockets.

Virtual Roleplay Change Log
The change log everyone was wondering when it was going to arrive, and here it is.

Small Changes

  • Removed unused vehicle files that were still lurking in the system.
  • Updated the gang script to call on locals to see if the local was dead to cancel interaction(s) if found true
  • Added a functional DJ booth inside of Bahama Mama’s
  • Removed Vanilla Unicorn from the businesses app.
  • Removed radial menu functions for removing/adding clothing. (/commands will still work)
  • Replaced a police vehicle with a new SASP-livery and light friendly option.
  • Updated crafting recipes
  • Removed the duplicate crafting location from Otto’s that didn’t call to the updated material costs.
  • Updated the job call back to where all jobs start “off-duty” and everyone starts clocked in as a civilian. This will stop everyone from having to toggle off duty immediately when logging in.
  • Updated the MRPD Door Locks & Locations for interactions.
  • Added cigarettes to gas station store. Each pack contains 20 cigarettes, buy a lighter and de-stress yourself easier.
  • Added a metric ton of vehicles, check PDM/Donator shop to see them!
  • Reverted used car sales to 50% value.

The Big Things
Brand New Inventory System
Out with the old and clunky, in with the new and clean. The new updated system allows for multiple things, firstly the UI is simply nicer, it also displays your id and bank balance to the right, as well as your HUD stats to the left. If you drag to the GIVE function it’ll ask you which player to give it to, so no more accidental passing of items. It also has the configuration button which allows you to customize your display to your liking without any restrictions.

The Clothing Button
Clicking this clothing button gives you a new interface not seen before in VRP. It displays all the items you are currently wearing and allows you to click/drag them off your character. Remember, that your ARMS control the transparency of your body so say you want to go shirtless to the beach, take off your torso/shirt and then your arms and your characters body will show perfectly fine. Need to interact with a dropped bag? Use your third eye!

The Backpack
There’s a backpack, that works as an active stash on your player. This currently only has one style for the time being, more will be added later for variety however you simply open the backpack, and it allows you to store five slots on your item. If you’re using this backpack on your person, the visual backpack will be there. You can however cancel the animation part of the backpack with X.

ATM Cards
Debit cards, are a required thing now to withdraw money from an ATM. Simply go to a bank, speak with the teller and click the “+ New” button and they’ll give you an option to purchase a debit card. You will need to setup a pin as well, so simply do that and away you go. Don’t make it too easy. If someone steals your ATM card, if they can figure out your pin, they can get in.

Marked Bills & Laundering
Marked bills have a new look, and a new call-to name in the database, in addition to having a new way to clean it. You’ll need to spend some time looking however do note that this lovely location moves around the map in intervals and can be scared away by police. Be careful!

Crafting Replacement
Crafting has seen itself replaced with the new inventory system coming in there is a much cleaner UI now. All locations previously known are different, so spend some time looking for this. I was unable to keep the old locations with the update so it was just a change that needed to happen

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Virtual Roleplay is still looking to enhance its great community with awesome people like you! If you’re tired of being places where you feel like a number, and want to join a place that treats you like you actually matter? Well look no further, Virtual Roleplay awaits!

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SASP is offering a $25,000 sign on bonus upon completion of all training! Do you want to work for a great department in one of the fastest growing communities!? Well Join the discord and apply now! Great opportunities within the department. Have questions? Join the discord and ask for Stevens!

Virtual Roleplay has just pushed a massive clothing update that gives all men and women a chance to be even more unique than ever before. So not only can you now be your own fashion icon, but you can possibly even help others do the same.

Come where the content is.
Come join Virtual Roleplay.