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Vice City RP 1.0 Come fly! Today!!! | Vice City RP

Come and live your best lifestyle in Vice City RP doing what ever dream you may have in mind and wide variety of exotic vehicles. With our unique vehicle dealership none is going home empty with no cars at home. with new unique updates everyday!! we live for the thrill!!

You need to make that money! Time to get to work on your grind legally or illegally with our range of jobs from taxi, gardener , and garbage etc to selling drugs, robbing stores,banks,locals,people and more!!

Wanna serve the city? Get a whitelisted job today! LSPD, Chick-Fil-A, WingStop,Popeyes,Vanilla Unicorn,Casino,Cookies, and More! and they are always hiring!

Dont Worry Jdmers! we have you covered drift tracks,drift cars,car customizations, and hey maybe you are looking to work on some cars.
We are looking for some workers for mechanic shop!! fly in to apply!!

Scared of getting bored no worry’s we got you! we have a seletion of minigames to do while in the city from basketball,paintball,lasertag,bowling,golf,and etc so no need to get sad turn that sad face to a smile and play some games!!

Feature List:

  • Custom Drugs
  • Los Santos City RP
  • Cayo Perico, Etc More Place To Come
  • Whitelisted Community
  • Friendly Staff
  • Economy Serious RP
  • Rare Custom Cars
  • Custom Police Cars
  • Unique Dealership Release of Vehicles (Every Week)
  • Housing Properties Anywhere
  • Personal Pets
  • Player Owned Shops
  • Player Ran Businesses
  • Phone w/ texts and calling, twitter, call jobs, manage businesse, ad, and etc
  • Dirty Money w/ multiple ways to launder
  • Multi Characters
  • Full CAD System for Characters and Emergency Units
  • Clothing,Barber, And Tattoo Shops
  • Custom Clothing
  • Store Robberies
  • Bank Robberies
  • Mug AIs
  • Mug Players
  • Realistic Car Damage
  • Vehicle Sales (Dealerships and Players)
  • Licenses for Driving, hand guns, etc.
  • Variety of Drugs to Sell and Use
  • Public Garages and Impounds
  • Many Jobs
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Mechanic Shops
  • Variety of Legal Punishments
  • Gambling
  • Vehicle Robberies
  • Car Indicators
  • Sell Drugs to AI
  • Variety of Emotes in-game
  • Fishing
  • Personal Vehicle Locking
  • Boat Shop
  • Realistic Fuel System
  • Realistic Vehicle and Player Health System
  • Server Events (Auctions, Casino, Racing, Etc)

Join our discord and ask for anything any person will help get you setup in the City! Vice City RP

Vice City RP 1.0 Come fly! Today!!! | Vice City RP

List Will Be Updated More Soon