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:wave: Welcome to the Vex Community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Where our sole purpose is to provide a fun environment for player’s to play and strive in. It’s quite simple to be honest. We are an Economica role-playing server where every role you play counts in the strength of the economy of our cities and county budgets. Each and every job has importance to something in the server a good example of this is when you need materials from other jobs to produce things as a company/manufacture.

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How do I join this cool server? :thinking:

To be honest it’s quite easy! - Go to our Guilded Invite link and click join and fill out the application then await the notification to see if you have been accepted or not!? - Plus, you can see your application status on the Home Page whilst you await the verification of your whitelist into the server. If you don’t have guilded we would recommend you use this link to come and join us! - Guild | Invite to server

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Server Features

  • Latest EUP w/ In-depth business uniforms too.
  • 15+ Jobs (Whitelisted & Non-Whitelisted)
  • Streamer Friendly (+ We promote your content too)
  • In-depth Roleplay Mechanics (Mayor & Government Figures)
  • Player’s can vote for mayor’s and government figures
  • In-game Debates and Politics [Based in-game lore not IRL]
  • Realistic Uniforms & Vehicles
  • Simple but cool mechanics like gun holstering
  • Revamped Map Area’s to suit the environment more

and I could keep listing it but it would keep going and going… :confounded:

What are we looking for?

Players. People who want to chillax and spend time roleplaying. We want the players to make it there’s by offering the developers suggestions to improve upon and for features to be added or tweaked and for realistic roleplay to happen.

We want a chill environment where we can play and have fun and not worry about ‘hackers’ or ‘trolls’. We purely want to offer a transparent gaming experience to the people who join us :blue_heart:

Is there any requirements to join us? :confused:

We would prefer a suitable audience around 16 or older. but if you think you are mature enough to handle yourself efficiently then give it a shot…

Commonly Asked Questions:

sO wHaT mAkEs vEx sO sPeCiaL? :star2:

Essentially, we listen to our players and we work upon issues or things that would need or do need to be improved upon. Not even server related things we still help our community out with. Our goal is to make the community as respectful and fun too so in the future we even have plans to support charities too! (Which will be listed in a few months on what charities we want to support :blue_heart: )

Am I allowed to record and stream on the server?

100%, Of course, you can - Go ham! & Enjoy :wink:

Our Future Goals :football: :

  • To have supported at least 3 charities
  • To have surpass the goal of members by 200 to 300 members
  • To have supported content creators and to share and improve content creation
  • To have improved our gaming services like our server speeds and performance
  • To be there to always support 24/7 a day for anyone who needs help!

If you need any questions answered or anything like support please contact me on the forums comments or through the DM’s area and still if you cannot get hold of me I can provide you with my personal discord too :slight_smile: Thanks for reading have a fantastic day!

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esx or custom ?

im good with esx not custom really

logos and banners im good at

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Add me on discord: Snippy#5002, I’m interested in possibly helping.

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Bumping Post

  • Added Fair Crafting System
  • Updated Job Center UI
  • Added Ambulance Vehicles
  • Added Ambulance Uniforms
  • Added Riot Equipment & Uniforms for LEO
  • Added more jobs like Bus Driving
  • Added Player Owned Shops
  • Housing has been improved
  • Wiki has been integrated with the guild
  • Activities like
    - Fishing
    - Farming
    - Drifting
    \ have been updated

= = Server Launching : 04/27/2021 = = (Join up) :wink:

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+Rep. I was a beta tester for these guys and they did an amazing job and I hope when the server launches that the players enjoy it (Amazing 3D audio VOIP too loved that hahhaa)

Really Awesome community - love hanging out with these guys - been apart of the alpha/beta testing and i am blown away by the amount of work that went into the development of the server! def say to come check it out!

@epiclarry1 Thanks for the kind words and we hope to improve many things too :blue_heart:

@DjSuperPanda :pray: Thanks mate! Glad to see your happy with the result!

Awesome server super excited to get started plenty of features to keep you excited!

:pray: Thanks for the kind words

Bump of the post :pray:

  • Fixed VOIP (New 3D Audio w/ Natives)
  • All jobs can now have a registered owner
  • Weed (Drug Running) has been fully changed
  • Vehicle Handling changed (All vehicles)
  • Radio (RTO) has been changed to integrate with the 3D VOIP
  • New server events planned for the future too :christmas_tree: (All scripted events)

Also, the server has gone well in the launch - So bumping to see if this server spikes your interest :wink: