Venture Rp New player weekend!

New Player Weekend 5/26 thru 5/28

New Players: ** $25K more** as a starting bonus($45k total), and a** FREE starter car**!
Current Players: Admins will take note of those current members that take part in the NPW, and will be giving out various prizes throughout the weekend, such as waiving an Import Car fee, $25k, and more! We also have a super special secret prize for the current member that participates the most over the weekend.


Friday 5/26/23 @ 8pm EST
Panto Race: From the starting location announced on Twitter, to the very tippy toppy of Mt. Chilead - 1st Prize $100k, 2nd prize $75k, 3rd prize is $50k

Saturday 5/27/23 @ 8pm EST:
Mando’s Manhunt: Mando is back and starting trouble for the city of Los Santos; Use clues on Twitter to Hunt him down and bring him to justice by handing him over to the police for a $100k Reward, or, convince him to tell you the location of Mando’s Secret Stash, full of all the things you need to survive in Venture City!

Sunday 5/28/23 @8pm EST:
Movie & Giveaway: TBD Movie Night will be hosted IC, and towards to end of the movie there we be a give-away of an Import Vehicle, and one other very special prize!

From all the Staff here at Venture, we thank you in advance for participating in this New Player Weekend and helping our community grow!

Be sure to spread the word about this event, as we’re also advertising it on various social media platforms, but word of mouth is always the best!