Vehicle Shop Error / When going to buy a Vehicle

I need some help with my server I have tried everything to fix this problem when i got to interact with the circle in brings me to this and I am invisible and cannot move.

I need a fix please here is the error message!

this has happened to me before, if you have added vehicles to the database while your server is up and running and you do a /restart or refresh your instance (either in game or via like TxAdmin) then this causes a database error to form as it can not yet read the new database and is trying to pull outdated data.

first - double check the model name against the one that’s added to your stream files. when you add addon cars to the database it needs to be the same as the resource file its pulling from.

  • my fix was to completely Vanilla the database (fresh install) restart the server and test it
  • once i verified it worked, i shut down the serve to make my database changes and then restarted it