📝 Vehicle Registration (UI) | Buy & Sell, Regular & Luxury Plates... [ESX] [QBCore]

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  • Players can now buy and sell license plates directly from each other (or buy randomly generated ones), fostering a vibrant marketplace within your server.
  • Give your law enforcement a new job which they will never get bored of.
  • Vehicles bought from Car Dealership comes with no registration.
  • Plates starting with “NOREG…” are strictly non-negotiable, making other unique plates even more sought after.
  • With our script, players can easily buy and sell license plates among themselves. Say goodbye to limited options and hello to a thriving marketplace where creativity knows no bounds.
  • Plate types:
    • Regular - Randomly generated for a surprise element
    • Luxury - Unleash your creativity with the “Luxury” plates, where you can input custom plates.
  • When a player purchases plates, the script automatically deducts the required funds and seamlessly adds the acquired plates to their database. No hassle, no delays—just immediate gratification.
  • As soon as a player sells a plate, our script automatically removes the sold plates and replaces them with fresh “NOREG…” plates, instantly crediting the player with the proceeds.
  • In the config file you can easily setup:
    • Regular Plates:
      • Letters Length
      • Numbers Length
      • Using space between letters and numbers?
      • Price
    • Luxury Plates:
      • Price
    • Price for selling owned plates
    • Blips (label, id, scale, color)
    • Markers (coords, type, color)
    • Ped (model, coords)
    • Full job translation
    • Accessing the menu for registering a vehicle
  • Protected against cheaters
  • Clean & Responsive UI
  • Optimized
  • Supports ESX & QBCORE
  • Lifetime Support
  • Full & Easy Translation

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How is the setup for QB and how easy is it to implement it in other dealership scripts for cars and such?

As example Projeto Charmoso’s Dealership script.

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And aswell…Is there a Target option? Since some servers don’t want the circle or is there an qb-menu option instead of a ui?

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After the purchase, we do implementation with your dealership script for you, so you don’t have to do anything.

Also, adding target and such a simple changes are done completely for free for our customers.

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would this work with a Locked version of okokVehicleShop>?

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Yes, it would work.


Does this stop the weapon exploit say a person spawns a gun puts in the car changes the plate makes it untraceable gun

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Yes, that is how it would work.