[Vehicle][Paid] Civ Vehicle - Custom 2024 Mustang GT

I present the Custom 2024 Mustang GT (The First Custom 2024 Mustang in FiveM!!).

More Pictures: Custom 2024 Mustang GT (FiveM/GTA5) - Album on Imgur

-Color Changeable Interior

-Color Changeable DRL’s

-Color Changeable Calipers

-Spoilers are extras

-Wheels are changeable

-Breakable Glass

-Working Dials

-Modeled Underside

-Proper Interior

-VMP Supercharged 5.0L

-361k Poly

Purchase Link: https://baddblood-customs.tebex.io/package/5389480

Check out my tebex as ill be uploading more vehicles here soon!!

Tebex Store: https://baddblood-customs.tebex.io/category/1914366

This build was a combined effort with @GOM Killing it on the base model!!

Code accessible YFTLOCKED
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) YFT/YTD
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

Any preview? sound?

i mean, idc of the pics i wanna see how it goes, do u have a test server so we can test it? 42$

i dont unfortunately but it drives nice! alot of people love it!