Vehicle issues after this patch and April 11 patch


The April 11 update introduced issues on the State of Emergency servers and probably other servers as well.
The exact issue is not yet fully pinpointed, but it results in being unable to change the state of your car (repair it.) Getting into a broken car also takes you down to 1 health. It’s been an issue on the SoE server ever since. Maybe the car and player ID are getting mixed up or something? Very hard to troubleshoot as an outsider.

After the April 18 update the issue apparently worsened further, where you often have to let another player do the repair on your car; you cannot do it yourself. The car also often does damage to you as you enter.

The April 11 update also started causing player-owned vehicles to disappear after players leave them for a while, which is not how it was working before.

I am sorry I cannot be more specific about where exactly the problems lie; I do not know the internals of the SoE server. I could potentially try to get in touch with the SoE developer further if you want more information.

Neither update modified game code at all, this is probably a bug in this server’s script that got introduced around the same time.

I don’t believe there was any update to the server script during this period as I think the sole developer was on vacation during this period, but I won’t dispute you.

Is there anything else that could have changed? Micro-size GTA update? Maybe it could also be the current hype-caused DDoS that is making the server act weird somehow.

My first assumption was just that it was a FiveM bug as I am definitively positive that the issue appeared just after the April 11 update.