Vehicle Developer for vMenu/ESX

Hi there!
I have been working as a vehicle developer for over a year now and have gained a vast understanding of vehicles within FiveM. I am now an “agent” for servers to provide my services to. My main focus the past year or so is vehicle handling. I have worked at over five servers and have provided my services with Law Enforcement vehicle handling, civilian vehicle handling, Racing handling, and all of the above.

If you do not know what vehicle “handling” is, it is how a vehicle reacts when you drive it. For instance, if you want a car to have certain traits, such as fast/slow (top speed, acceleration, etc), a lot/not much traction, high/low suspension, etc. I can help you implement vehicles, find issues with them, or teach you about vehicles and their meta files. If you need something done or need help with it, let me know.

I work with vMenu framework, ESX framework, and pretty much whatever you have as long as you have vehicles needed to be changed.

Please contact me via discord Bek#8300, or DM me on here for an estimate/quote or if you have any questions. Prices will vary depending on time limit, amount of vehicles, and what needs done to the said vehicles.

We’ve paid for his services. He went above and beyond to get our handling perfect on our cars. If there was anything we didn’t like , he sat down and had it fixed before the next day. He’s a wonderful guy to work with as well. If you tell him you need them a certain way, he goes above and beyond to get it done. His pricing is more than fair and far lower than quite a few of the others in the market. To finish up, as a person he’s a great dude; honest, trustworthy, and committed to his work just to name a few of his personality traits. 10/10 will only be having him do our car tuning from here on out.

TL;DR he’s good at doing handling. Trustworthy guy. Pricing fair. Fast at getting it done and doing changes you need done.

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