🌟 Uxie | Serious RP | Custom Framework

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Server Connect: cfx.re/join/6v4yr6 (F8 Connect)

100+ Realistic Vehicles, we release every Sunday!

New Benny’s

Burgershot is open! Now Hiring!

Custom MLOs

Custom HUD with Stress Management System!

Custom MDT for Police Reports.

Hiring LSPD, BCSO, SASP, EMS, Car Dealers, Mechanics, Recruiting Gangs and much more!

Lots of Civilian Jobs for players who do not want to do crime.

SOP for Police, EMS, Swat and City Penal Code in effect.

Custom Banking system with balanced economy!

Mechanics have full control of every aspect of the vehicles and so much more

Plenty of things to do with crime including crafting weapons, robbing banks, bank trucks, running drugs and much more! More content being added everyday!

  • Professional Admins
  • Active Staff
  • Hunting
  • Racing
  • Realistic RP
  • Fishing
  • 3rd Eye
  • Tuner Chips
  • Custom Scripts
  • Custom Clothing
  • Whitelisted Jobs
  • Weapon Crafting
  • Weapon Dealers
  • Imported Cars
  • Secret Locations
  • Diamond Casino is Open!
  • Phone w/ Twitter and more!
  • Stress Management System
  • Drugs: Weed, Meth, Coke
  • Realistic Mechanic Script
  • Whitelisted Jobs
  • Vehicle Key System
  • Vehicle Financing
  • Robbery System
  • Crafting System
  • Apartments for your convenience
  • and much much more!

Join Discord Here: Uxie RP


Awesome server, loving how much there is a to do and all the imports are so nice!! Keep up the good work guys!

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Thank you! Glad to hear you are enjoying your stay!!


Change Log:

Fixed shooting weapons while cuffed.
Added sandwiches and water to vending machines
Houses can only be broken into at night. 
Disabled Running and Jumping while holding prop (TV, Microwave, PC)
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Change Log:

MEOS app added to phone for Police.
Added way-point to Cafeteria in Bolingbroke Prison


Cartel now moves operations for Weapon Crafting.
Added /Bed to Pillbox
Added /LeaveBed to Pillbox
Added Seize Cash For Police
Fixed Prison breakout range too small
No Longer able to Break into MRPD
Removed Fingerprint scanner from MRPD
Added 2018 BMW M4 To PDM
Added Nissan GTR Skyline to PDM

Change Log:

New Loading Screen
Edited Music on Loading Screen
Keybinds added to Emotes Num4 - Num9 on NumPad```

Nice RP server, very unique!! Cant wait to play more!! Are you guys going to release more imports?

Yes we release Imports every sunday! We have a limited supply so be sure to get to PDM fast!


Removed Gunshot sounds from Ammunation.
Fixed Sirens on Emergency Vehicles.
Updated - Respawn Timer to 200 Seconds.
Updated - Respawn price to $500.
Updated - Respawning will not remove items.

Translation Overhaul:

Fixed - Translations for Taxi Job.
Fixed - Translations for Racing App.
Fixed - Translations for unpacking coke progress bar.
Fixed - Translations for rolling a joint progress bar.
Fixed - Translations for Phone.
Fixed - Red Garage Translations
Fixed - Legion Square Parking Translations
Fixed - Miscellaneous Translations.

Other Fixes & Updates:

Fixed - Joints will now stack.
Updated - Dan's Auto is now Wise Auto
Updated - Pacific Bank Robbery to 4 Cops needed.
Updated - Bank Trucks to 0 Cops needed.
Bug Fixes.
Hunting Rifle lowered to $3000.
Pistol lowered to $2500.
Armor Vest lowered to $1000.


Fixed banks going into negative.
Bennys no longer takes bank into negative.
Changed Ocean waves for better FPS.
Discord Game Activity added --- Thank you @Atro
Fixed Toolshop in Blaine County. 
Buffed Fishing Payout!
Script Update Overhaul - Bug Fixes


Added 2019 Ford Mustang to PDM.
Updates to Server for stability.
Disabled Autoscout due to server crashing.


Fixed loading FiveM console errors.
Fixed console script errors.

Other Updates:

Updated server icon.
Updated Discord activity script.
Added loading screen pause function. - SpaceBar
Added ability to create custom license plates.
Vehicle dirt levels set to 0.
No more dirty cars!

Change Log:

Updated Fx Server to 4315.
Added racing harness to tool shop.
Added Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2004 to PDM.

Change log:

Updated Racing Harness to apply to all vehicles.
Updated Seatbelt Script.
Added additional extra command for PD.
Added ability to carry players. "/carry" ```
Added 2005 Lotus Elise 111S to PDM
Tuned 2005 Lotus Elise 111S 

Change log:

Items moved to Burner Phone Guy. 
Added Digital Den to map.
Added Ammu-Nation to Map.
Phone moved to Digital Den.
Radio moved to Digital Den.
Boom Box moved to Digital Den.
Chocolate added to Vending Machines.
Enabled Coffee Machines.
Enabled Coffee Vending Machine.
Enabled Ecola Vending Machines.
Enabled Sprunk Vending Machines. 

Change Log:

Updated Loading Screen
Updated Discord Bots
Updated Store Robbery
Updated Fx Server to 4478