UU Skin - Character Creator



  • It can be used with every framework
  • Blacklisting Numbers
  • Easy to Install & Use
  • Well Optimized (0.00ms)
  • Open Source


  • Installation guide is on tebex, if you need help or you have any questions feel free to ask.
  • Whole script is written from 0 in js/lua
  • Tebex : 18.45€
Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~1400
Requirements mysql-async
Support Yes

Great job! Looks promising, i’m looking forward to check it out :smiley:

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good job :wink:

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i have Legacy with multichar and rcore clotheshop

all compitable?

the last creator i try with other camera that change skinchanger doesnt work fine with a extern clotheshop thats i ask

Basically it saves character info in separated table with indexes so you will have two options for multichar: you can implement my events into multichar script or edit my script a little to adapt it under what you need.

For scripts that changes skin on its own (or with skinchanger) you will need to add one event that checking your current skin and saves it (You can find all events in examples file…).

So… I think I can say its compatible with everything, it just need some small changes ;]

OK, that doesn’t sound bad. if there are problems or questions, we could also contact you, yes?

Is there an a option to add more customization to faces? Shape of nose , chin jaw etc?

That’s right

Sure, I will add it in next update.

have tattos?

Not yet, but I will add them in next update (with face details)

It will be probably tonight/tomorrow


qbcore? and is it open source? also do you have a option to change peds?

It’s not using any framework, but can work with any of them.
Yes, It’s open source.
Sorry, but I’m not sure about what you asking in last question

um the local ai you would be able to use those skins if that make sense

Currently you can choose only freemode models but I’ll add option to choose ped/custom ped

Very good job !

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Cannot see tebex link

Why did you delete Tebex and delete your Discord?