Utool SAHP HQ on Senora Freeway V1

G’day, I’m a map developer from Australia and this will be my first release on the FiveM forums after some convincing from a friend. Today I present to you a full conversion of the Utool on Senora Freeway to a SAHP HQ/Station.



The front main building features a lobby open to the public with a conference area around the back.

To the right of the entrance is a briefing room with a temporary storage room (to be changed in future updates).

Behind the main building are the cells, 19 in total.

The entire facilty is blocked off by a fence wrapping around the entirety of the back linking to the front.
Ignore the red you may see on some doors in the images, that only shows as I have a resource that allows me to view portals in MLOs.

This map is free to use if you wish to use it on your server however I do ask that you do not repost nor take credit. Honour system people.

If you have any feedback, notice any bugs not listed below or know fixes to the bugs listed below please do let me know.

Known bugs:

  • If you shoot in the back building (cell area) your game will most likely crash
  • At farther render distances parts of the building may disappear or change
  • There are currently no LOD lights so the building may look dark at times
  • Doors may glow at night
  • Switches and alarm boxes in the back building may sometimes flash rapidly
  • Textures may be a little choppy due to conversions
  • Certain props may be floating slightly off walls

Planned Updates:

  • Garage area in middle buidling
  • Ustairs for main building
  • Working LOD lights

Download link:
SAHP_UTool.rar (20.0 MB)


can’t believe you didn’t turn this into a bunnings :open_mouth:


Where can I download it? I would also like to promote this post if youd like

Check again, was so busy writing the description I completely forgot the link lol! I’m happy with you promoting this post, I would love to see this project be used in servers.

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next project lol


better not forget the sausage sizzle out the front :slight_smile:

You should make more rooms for it.

There are many updates to come!


This guy is a very good developer please support him!

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This is amazing, is there any chance in the next update that you can access the cells from the main lobby?

Updates are to come and eventually there will be access to the cells from the lobby.

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Huuuuuge, but usefull . Good Work !

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any updates? :slight_smile:

still working on proper lighting and trying to find a healthy mix, will be released soon.

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Hey by chance is there a way you can make the door open up automatically instead of us using our cars to open them I know there are a lot of people who would like that as well by the way thank you for the building looks great and fell in love with it

When do you plan on releasing the next update?

I know its been awhile so here is my update post:

An update is in the works, I will not state a release date as I do not want to let anyone down but I am aiming for a full release before the end of the year. Attached below is some early footage and a floor plan. Because of the time, effort and quality I am opting out on it will be a paid MLO on my Tebex (a link will be included on the final post). but for the first week it will be put on this forum completely free.

Let me elaborate, in accordance to the floor plan (as shown below), it will be released in stages as pertaining to each floor, floor 1 is the biggest and will take the longest but has the essentials of a police station and therefore will be the floor that will be released for free on the first week.

Floors 2-4 will be released as a paid addon on my aforementioned Tebex.

I do apologise for the wait, and promise that V2 is going to be a colossal improvement. (Footage below)