Utah State Roleplay

Are you looking for one of a kind RP server with many paid and custom assets? Are you looking for promised elite Role-Play? Well, I believe Utah State Role-Play is the server for you. Utah State RP is not like every other Role-Play server which promises elite RP but doesn’t deliver. Here in Utah State RP we always have and always will deliver elite RP and what our members want.

Utah State Roleplay is a non-whitelisted RP server based off in Utah. We are looking for active members who are engaged to join our departments and wanting to join in elite, fun, professional, Role-Play scenarios. We want our members to always have fun and enjoy their time in our server while they improve their Role-Playing skills.

Our Features

  • Custom Framework which is connected with CAD/MDT
  • Custom Scripts
  • Custom Cars - Custom Maps
  • Elite Roleplay
  • Active Staff
  • Elite Trained Officers
  • Snowmobiles
  • Listening Owners with open DMS and suggestions
  • Custom CAD/MDT Plugins
  • 24/7 Roleplay
  • 24/7 Developing to make sure the server is always running at its finest
  • Custom Liveries for Police Vehicles
  • Custom EUP for LEO and Civilian Operations
  • Salt Lake City Fire Department
  • Salt Lake City Police Department [Coming Soon]
  • Utah Highway Patrol
  • Utah Communications Department [Coming Soon]
  • Civilian Operations
  • Department of Transportation [Coming Soon]
  • Deer Valley Sheriffs Office [Coming Soon]

All members are required to be 14+ Must be professional and mature at all times. Must be respectful towards every member part of the community. Must have a working microphone. So come on along and join us at Utah State Roleplay Utah State Roleplay LLC. All needed information and questions you need to be answered can be found in our Discord.

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They have a active community with good department heads