Useful codes for beginners #1

Hello guys!
I was thinking about making some tutorials in lua, so beginner coders can find examples of functions, events commands and they could study or use it. I made the first part, so if you are intrested, just check it on github. If you want specific tutorial, then leave a comment and probably I will cover it.
Useful codes #1:

  1. Function that shows message at the bottom of the screen
  2. Function that checks the coords of the player and the distance between an another coord
  3. Function that returns true or false, if the given control key is pressed
  4. Command with ped’s model hash and size that spawns the ped with model and in size given. /npc modelhash size Good for checking how does it look.
  5. Command with object’s model hash that spawns the object. Good for checking how does it look.

Have a nice day!

Useful codes on Github