Used car dealership with office

usedCARdealership.xml (520.4 KB)
usedCARdealership.ymap (5.9 KB)

coords for the office (use the coords below with your teleport script)
entrance — [‘x’] = 1224.65 ,[‘y’] = 2728.74 , [‘z’] = 37.01,
exit — [‘x’] = 1224.19 , [‘y’] = 2729.91, [‘z’] = 37.49,

iv also included the xml so feel free to edit if you need :slight_smile:

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awesome script

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Very OG MyG


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lol that’s were the idea came from apart from the office lol that’s all my idea and the better looking fence lol

The office for some reason is a hole. You just fall right through.

you have to have mapbuilder stream folder installed if you want it let me know and I can send you a link for it

Maybe put that in the description as a requirement with download and install instructions.

yeah sure, so this isn’t fivem ready or am I dumb?

floor and walls are invisible