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Hey could a staff member contact me @MojoFL#9464 its taylor an dif able id like to speak to hunter if he is thil the acting owner. best way to explain it i used to play and something happened a good while back was wondering if i could talk :slightly_smiling_face:

Someone will contact you soon!

This server has top tier rp, especially for a public server it’s really rare to come across that. The community is extremely friendly & mature and honestly is a great place for anyone to begin their FiveM journey!

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With being the new Co-Owner, We have many things to come towards SSRP. Hunter and Dathtly are still the owners. We have Helium as the Staff Director, Owens as the LEO Director, Lucky as the Assistant LEO Director, and Johnson as the Head Dev. This team is the strongest team we could possibly have. Has been a great experience and more to come for SSRP. Join the discord and join off the IP. See y’all there!

You guys looking for Staff

Yes, We are currently looking for additions to our staff team! Join our discord at http://discord.gg/ssrp

who do i contact once I join?

You would need to check our #staff-application in discord under SSRP | Information

join http://discord.gg/ssrp

I did and you guys removed me for stupid reason I did my task and almost got approved but something happend that u guys removed because of it