USA REALISM ROLEPLAY | Looking for LUA/C# RP developers!


I own a roleplay server called USA REALISM ROLEPLAY.

I am looking for developers that are interested in updating existing and creating new scripts for the server.

We use a customized base essentialmode and CouchDB for the back end.

Here is couple examples of what you may be asked to do:

1. Add more legal and illegal jobs. Things like mining/harvesting, more stores that can be robbed for money, drug jobs, etc.

2. More shops/things to do for fun around the entire map, not just in Los Santos.

You can also do other things that you feel would be fun to do!

These scripts/resources can be written in your language of choice, C# or LUA and may or may not include HTML, CSS, and JS.

We currently have myself and one other person developing for the server.

Our website:

Have any questions? Want to know something more? Send me a PM on our discord here:

Talk to ya soon!


bump! We still have some developer positions!


hey this is still a thing btw :slight_smile:


^^^^^^ yes this is a complete sentence


we now have 55 player slots and normally have a full server, we also use tokovoip

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Thought I’d drop this in here, one of the community members made it using clips from numerous streamers in the community.