[US/EU] LVRP | Lakeside Valley Roleplay | Public Testing | Live Server | LEO/EMS/CIV/STAFF Needed!

Lakeside Valley RP

Hi all, Lakeside Valley RP is a new and upcoming FiveM community and is currently in Beta Testing! We would love to invite you all to become a part of this great upcoming community!

What we offer:

  • A server that is respectable and friendly towards people of all backgrounds! (LGBTQ+/E-Girl Friendly)

  • Immersive LEO system with custom evidence scripts, 30 branches and divisions to enroll within, custom Mission Row station with more to be added as the server grows and many other features!

  • Civilian jobs to suit anyones needs:
    Garbage disposal
    Taxi Services
    Car Dealers
    Tow and trucker jobs
    Food Industry jobs
    Medical Services
    More to come!

  • Own houses and customize them using your inner interior decorating skills!

  • Many imported vehicles that are constantly being updated to suit players needs!

  • Custom clothing as well as custom uniforms for our LEO and Medical Service teams

  • An in depth drug and criminal system that will begin to branch out as our community grows

  • Player ran economy. For example, mechanics have the ability to set their prices for car parts or a restaurant owner can design their own pricing for the meals they will sell!

  • Custom Social Green Zones to hang out in and meet new community members while in game! (Nightclubs, coffee shops, bars etc.)

  • Weekly community updates and events such as car meetups, diving treasure hunts, F1 racing, Fight Club tournaments!

At LVRP, we strive to revolve the players in as many ways as we possibly can and it is our duty to make sure all community members are satisfied with the development and progress of the server. Your voice is heard within LVRP so why not come and try us out and see how you like it :slight_smile:

Cant wait to meet everyone and continue to grow with you all over time!

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