[US EAST] RippleRP Season II - Custom Buildings - Custom Clothes - Economy - Gangs - Drugs - Fairness - Own businesses - Serious RP


We are looking for dedicated people to help grow. Need mature staff to help create something amazing. Could that be you? Join us.

What we offer here @ Ripple RP

  • High Quality cars in Non-donator shops too!! (this doesn’t happen anywhere lol)

  • No Staff Bias. You won’t have to deal with rude moderation or certain players getting favoritism.

  • Constant updates

  • A Balanced Economy that will always be tweaked to make your experience worth while!

  • We will always provide updates. These will be new areas, vehicles, and fixes. (we never stop working)

  • A well built ecosystem that doesn’t favor cops, or gangs. It’s balanced and will continue to be.

  • Many jobs that aren’t whitelisted, and jobs that are!

  • A unique crypto system that is tied to real life crypto prices (practice!)

  • Plenty of open whitelisted roles to be filled! Apply today!

  • Many different types of Robberies.

  • A chop shop that rewards you with things you might find hard to get

  • We will never oversaturate the economy with weapons! Only Whitelisted gangs get the good guns to disperse to the community!

  • We want to stay focused on the RP, not the PvP (even though PvP creates amazing RP!)

  • A Functional Burgershot job! Create sandwiches, and deliver!

  • Custom clothes with great options!

  • Custom Vehicles

  • Balanced Vehicle Handlings!

We are looking for dedicated people to help grow. Need mature staff to help create something amazing.

Discord: Ripple RP

Find out more by joining our discord!


Your Community Manager sounds awesome.

Pillbox looks amazing here. Not your basic cookie cutter server.

Opens today @ Noon CST.

Brand NEW.


Scroll up! :slight_smile:


Scroll up! We’re growing quick!

Out of curiosity, why wouldn’t you want a target based system?
Genuine question

This gives a lot of performance benefits and helps the end user feel more immersive.
Are you just utilising a ton of PolyZones and then threads with draw text?
Everyone and everything has their own niche I understand just curious :slight_smile:

From my experience using qb-target causes more problems than benefit(s). Sometimes when using qb-target you have to get every thing perfect, making the “eye zone” or “target zone” way larger… If not, it causes some players to have issues. It’s frustrating and seems like more work for players when they could easily use “E” via draw text. We’re more familiar with the old school targeting and allows us to use more types of scripts that have already been established for sometimes, years.

Personally I never liked the 3rd eye myself. We still utilize targeting with some things, just no eye appears as well.

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had some amazing encounters within the server

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We’re growing quick and people are having lots of fun!

We just released a THICC patch! Come visit us @ Ripple! <3

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One of the best servers I have been on, I have met so many new friends and made even closer bonds to family that also go on the server.

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One of the best servers I have been on. Love this server and can’t wait what the next update will come out and more stuff can bring to the city.

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Some awesome updates have been imported into this city!

Oooooo Look its issue number 2 for updates to the city!


Scroll up!

Some amazing updates have been implemented over the past week or so. Also what other city puts its updates out in RP format. Awesome staff work here for sure!

Another amazing update to this city has been released!

BUMP … Scroll up!


Scroll up! :slight_smile:

Amazing turn out for Pillbox’s very first event!!! Check it out below: